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It has begun!

“The Great Master Dream-room Makeover 2010”


The results of our poll were clear.  The first project you thought we should tackle during year two in the Dream was our bedroom.  So, that’s what we’re currently tackling.  We have the sore backs, tired eyes and paint in hair to prove it.

To be completely honest – the true after pic is going to take a while.  After all, we do have real jobs and other commitments that limit our makeover-ing to weekends.  For example, we’ll have to live with the popcorn ceiling and boring carpet for a bit.  However – do we have to live with boring white walls?  Oh, H-E-double-hockey-sticks, NO.

For the overall room color palette, we decided to go with a soothing blue-gray.  The primary color – that Mr. Dreamer is so skillfully applying in the photo above has a quite blog-appropriate name, “Online.”  We love it!  But… we faced a bit of a dilemma when it came to the accent color…

We’re a bit impulsive.  So, we bought our paint without first getting samples and testing it.  No biggie with the “Online” color – we love it!  However, we thought more gray would show through than blue.  Wrong!  Again, no biggie – except that we bought a blue paint for the accent walls (bottom color in above picture).  Helloooo, smurf room!  That would be way too much blue.  So, we stalled the whole project – to actually go and purchase samples (imagine that?!) – and wound up with a lovely charcoal gray (above color in pic above), called Software.  Ha!  Paint names are ridiculous.  (Our paint, as always, is from Sherwin Williams.)

You’ll have to wait to see “Software” in all it’s glory – a few more touches need to be made to the room before we can disclose those pics.

As you can see from the “before” pic, we are the king and queen of bedroom hodge-podge furniture.  Nothing matches.  Everything was brought into our marriage from our single lives – which was also hodge-podge.  Mrs. Dreamer, does not mind the mismatched look.  In fact, she wouldn’t mind having all sorts of mismatched – yet coordinated – pieces.  Mr. Dreamer, however, was passionately against that idea.  So – there were some “discussions” about that in the Dream.  As most happily-married couples. we have fine-tuned the concept of compromise – and that’s what we went with for the furniture.  More photos to come – but here’s a sampling of what we did on Saturday night:

Ah… yes… self-assemble furniture.  Not the fancy-shmancy furniture fare the hubs wanted and not the needs-to-be-refinished kind the wife wanted.  Compromise.  Over a bottle of wine and an all-nighter on a Saturday.  Good times.  The bullies would tell you all about it if they could talk…

They witnessed it all from the front row called the master bathroom.  (Check out that super-cool linoleum – just screaming for a makeover of it’s own!  Someday…)

More from “The Great Master Dream-room Makeover 2010” to come… until then, Sweet Dreams!

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We weren’t supposed to be around this weekend – but our plans changed last minute and we had a much-needed relaxing weekend at the Dream.  We each completed a couple of fun projects, and I just had to share them…

The dining room was not the winner of our little poll, but nonetheless got a little bit of love this weekend…

Mr. Dreamer added the new chandelier a few weeks ago – it is the smaller version of the one we bought for our entryway (more on that another time – steals!). And I made curtains!  I used the same fabric we used on the valances in our kitchen and family room.  I like how the look works in this room too – while bringing some continuity to the house.  The whole curtain-project took about three hours and cost just $15 – for the curtain rod I picked up at Ross.  We already had the fabric, which was a housewarming gift anyway.  So, I’m left thinking, “Why didn’t I do that months ago?!”  Also, it’s amazing to me how just a couple of little things can really spruce up a room:

Now, imagine what it will look like with a real table, chairs, a rug, wall hangings, and nice shades.  WOW.

Meanwhile, outside, Mr. Dreamer replaced the wood on our gate.

We didn’t even notice how bad it was before – but our HOA did.  Ugh!  They sent us a couple of letters about the wood on that gate – but they can save their ink now.  Take that!  Mr. Dreamer will post more on this later – he’s quite proud (and he should be) about how he pulled this off… with no help and not much cash.

Oh, and I made some ugly pillows this weekend too:

Any takers?  I hate HATE them.  However, making these suckers – and the curtains – taught me an interesting lesson about myself.  I realized that being crafty, sewing, etc… is a nice escape for me.  We had to cancel our original weekend plans to attend the funeral of our friend’s two-month-old baby girl.  So, I had many heavy thoughts.  It was nice to escape and focus on something pretty – let my mind wander as the machine droned on.  I have no questions – I know exactly where little Annika is now – in heaven, free from pain and in the presence of Jesus (lucky girl!)… but, of course, my heart hurts for her parents and family.  Her service was one of the most beautiful events I’ve attended – a wonderful message, strong showing of support, amazing testimony from family and hospital staff (including the Dr. who delivered Annika), and an absolutely chilling a capella solo by Annika’s maternal grandmother, who had just flown in from Norway – sung in her native tongue.  I get chills just thinking about it.  So, the pillows didn’t really turn out that well – but let’s just say I was processing a few other things.

Woah.  Okay, that was a bit heavy for a blog about how we’re re-doing the foreclosure we scored a screamin’ deal on.  So… I’m off to start thinking about what YOU told me I should… the master bedroom.  The paint is already purchased and now we need to get to work!

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