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Merry Christmas from the Dreamers!  What a day!  The mini-Dreamer is spoiled already and he/she isn’t even half-way baked yet. 🙂  Be sure to check out the new photo we posted on our Coming Attraction page.

We hope your Christmas was a wonderful one, just like ours:

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Front Dream

The front door to our Dream is a sorry, sorry sight.  Sure, we try to dress it up and make it look acceptable…

Exhibit A:

Notice how we’re strategically standing?  Blocking a full-on view of the door.  Yep, that was intentional.  This photo was snapped over a year ago before our Open Dream Party.  (Also before Mr. Dreamer grew his beard!)

Exhibit B:

This is what the door currently looks like – covered by a Christmas wreath so our neighbors and visitors see the least amount of this monstrosity as possible.

“Oh, it’s not so bad!”  Is that what I just heard?  Oh, yes, it is!  SNAP!

Before we came along and snapped up the Dream, somebody thought it would be a good idea to take a beautifully stained wood door and PAINT it.  Not just any old paint mind you, but cheap, flat paint in a one-could-easily-argue-as-PINK-hue.  Because the Dream has east/west exposure – the front door is greeted every morning by the intense Arizona sun.  The result?  It’s not pretty…

Mmm… kay?!  No more “It’s not that bad” comments… pleaseandthankyou.

Needless to say, it’s really bothered us that every Dream guest is greeted with this ugly thing upon entry to our home.  But – front doors are expensive and difficult DIY projects, so it was put on the back burner… until now!  Thanks to Craig’s List, Mr. Dreamer found a building surplus store, which bought up the entire stock from a door company that went out of business.  We scored quite the deal!

we got this unfinished beauty...

... for way below retail.

But still, the task of fitting a door perfectly and not wasting that $170 investment was daunting to say the least.  So, Mr. Dreamer called in our favorite reinforcement:

mr. original dreamer!

Together, they cut the door to the right measurement, planed it, and stained it…

ready to stain

But you’ll have to wait to see all that.  Trust me, it looks fantastic!  We went with a red cedar stain and the door is GORGEOUS.  It’s not in place yet – but will be soon and we’ll do a before/after post then to show it off.

In case you’re wondering, Mrs. Dreamer is sitting this one out.  The paint fumes are bit much for the baby belly.  Speaking of, check out the 17 week bump photo here.

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In case you didn’t know already – we’ve got a BABY on the way!  Since many friends/family follow this blog and want updates – we’ve set up a page just for that!  See the new “Coming Attraction: Mini-Dreamer” tab above?  Starting today, that will be updated at least weekly with bump photos and other bebe news.  Meanwhile, the homepage will be saved for Dream updates – and, of course, the occasional irresistible mini-Dreamer update. 🙂

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