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In a Dream

Sorry, were you thinking there might actually be a real post here today? I’ve been a bit distracted – smooching precious little hands and toes. A “real” post is coming… but for now, feast your eyes on some seriously scrumptious baby goodness:




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Dream Big

Happy Father’s Day!

Future US Open winner and his daddy on his first Father’s Day!

Hope your day was as great as ours!


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My goal was to have Kenton’s birth story posted today, but that isn’t happening.  I’ve started writing it – it’s really long – and I’m not even to the part where I got to the hospital.  Yep.  My editor (AKA, Mr. Dreamer) is going to have fun with that one!

Instead, I’m continuing an earlier post on the art in Kenton’s nursery.  Not that he’s even been in there yet.  The emergency c-section (which I’ll tell you about, see above) means I’m banned from stairs.  So, the wee one and I are camping out in the guest bedroom until I get the all clear to start climbing again.

Anywho, here’s the part you haven’t really seen yet – and may be my favorite of the whole nursery…

Yep.  Threw that sucker together myself.  Not ashamed to admit it.  I was inspired by a pin I put up on Pinterest.  Saved the nursery budget more than $100 by figuring out the DIY method for this sweet little art project.  A tutorial is coming. Eventually.

As mentioned in the previous post, the lamb is a placeholder for now…

She’s sandwiched in between the two people responsible for creating the babe that will call this nursery his own…

the original cuteness, AKA "Dad"

Miss Chunk-a-lot, AKA Mom

At some point here soon, the lamb will be replaced with a portrait of Sir Kenton.  Of course, we’re taking those shots ourselves – working photo shoots into times when we have a compliant client.  Here’s a contender:

I know, I know, CUTEST. BABY. EVER.

More later… but that sweet thing is sleeping now, which means I’ll be wise to do the same…

PS: We forgot to mention that you should check out this video we put together for Lonny Magazine and west elm.  We’re hoping they give us a $10,000 makeover!  Bowdoin the Bulldog was kind enough to host it for us.  Check it out!  http://youtu.be/Ir1RhaWlViw 

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We’re home from the hospital with our sweet little bundle!  We thought we’d share a few more photos of Kenton, who has made us fall in love all over again and already brought so much joy to the Dream in just a few days.  We are gushing… and will continue to gush… you’ve been warned!

happy new family!

Kenton is the first grandbaby on both sides - and all four grandparents met him within 30min of his birth.

heading home from the hospital - cool kid

meeting his big brother & sister for the first time (who are both handling his arrival extremely well)

Until next time, peeps! I've got to get back to stealing hearts now...

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