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If you live in the greater Phoenix-area, hopefully you’ve heard about the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market. If not, well, now you know.

There is one tomorrow (Saturday, September 15th) at WestWorld in Scottsdale and I am SO EXCITED. I’ll be there with a group of girlfriends, Starbucks in hand, ready to find some great decor items for the Dream. Here’s what I’ve found in the past:

The iron wall hanging that is in our family room was the one and only item I purchased at my first Junk in the Trunk sale more than a year ago. It was about $40, which I thought was a great deal. Initially, I bought it to hang on our entry wall…

You can see the bottom of it in this shot of Kenton when he was four months old. MY BABY! Where has the time gone?! Seriously, they are only babies for approximately one nanosecond. WAH!!!!

Anyway, it’s now in the family room and I like it there for now.

Eventually, I’d like to get the four photos around it printed on 16×20 canvases. Currently, they are 8×10 photos in 16×20 frames. I think that size adjustment will look better on that wall.

Bowdoin the Bulldog, however, is not impressed. Shocker. Oh, and ignore the hot mess over there on the right – more on that in a minute.

So, at the last Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market a few months ago, I scored a few more sweet things for the Dream. I blogged about that here.

Fun. Fun.

Tomorrow, I’m on the hunt for at least three things. (The at least is a disclaimer for Mr. Dreamer – just so he knows if I find more than three things, I’m not breaking any promises. It’s only at least three… I’m actually hoping to find more.)

Back to the hot mess…

The wall where our TV is mounted is arguably the most boring wall in the entire house. Again, Bowdoin is not impressed – and no one can blame him. At the JITVM, I’ll be searching for some kind of shelf/mantle to mount over the TV – and possibly some fun things to display on it. Ideally, I want something nearly as long as that wall, kinda chunky, and the same stain as the TV stand – I know, it’s a very specific list.

I’m also looking for a table to go under my gallery wall. A few weeks ago, the gals behind JITVM posted THE PERFECT table on Instagram and I commented that I had to have it! Well, I was just a couple of hours too late. Someone beat me to it. Boo Hoo! So, I’m hoping there’s something at tomorrow’s sale that’s even better.

Finally (but not literally finally – see disclaimer above), I’d like to get a chalkboard to put on the bottom half of this wall – so Kenton can color on it. He’s a tad obsessed with his sidewalk chalk for the back patio, that he’s not allowed to bring inside. So, I thought that might be a practical and fun thing to add here. The chalkboard at the adult level we purchased in France right after we bought the Dream. Yes, that number is correct – 33 days to baby. I KNOW. Too fast, too fast.

See the Boy vs. Girl poll? Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to cast your vote next week during PREGNANCY WEEK here on Our Dream Foreclosure.

So, anyone else heading to the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market tomorrow? If so, comment and let me know! If you see me, say hi! I’ll be the one with the permagrin and beach ball tucked under my shirt. 🙂

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Our gallery wall is growing…

I just love being able to add to this wall – and when baby #2 arrives, we’ll swap out some of the photos. But this one will stay…

The Kenton silhouette was a souvenir from the San Diego County Fair this summer.

There are approximately 400 million DIY tutorials out there for silhouettes. Or, you can pay the gal at the fair $15 to cut one for you – which is what I opted for. My Grandpa helped keep Kenton looking in one direction by playing his first birthday video, which he’ll watch over and over and over and over. Something about seeing himself on screen – he loves it.

She was also selling pre-done silhouettes of dog breeds. Of course, I couldn’t resist taking a Bulldog off her hands.

I found the white frames at TJ Maxx for $7 each.

The “5” was $2.50 at Hobby Lobby and I did a quick coat of spray paint we already had on hand. In case you’re wondering…

Jason + Michelle + Kenton + Baby + Bowdoin the Bulldog = 5.

The yellow is the same shade that accents Kenton’s nursery. I’ve decided to bring that pop of yellow throughout the house occasionally… in an attempt to tie things together a bit better.

I just love this wall. I don’t know why it took me so long to put it together in the first place!

However… Bowdoin is not impressed…

Hmph. I’m thinking about starting a “Bowdoin is not impressed” blog, like McKayla is Not Impressed. (Love that site!)

Bowdoin, by the way, is hanging out on the new rug in our family room (!)… more on that later.

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If you’re visiting our blog for the first time from West Elm – welcome! Learn more about us here and what we blog about here. If you love English Bulldogs, you’ll want to check out these posts. If you love West Elm like we do, check out our master bedroom makeover.

We’re dealing with a bit of an inflated ego around here.

who? me?

Yep, Bowdoin the Bulldog is famous! He was featured on West Elm’s blog, Front & Main:

The West Elm Circle rug is in our entry way, at the bottom of our stairs – and is Sir Bowdoin’s favorite nap spot in the Dream. I walked past the other day and saw him in this position – our favorite! It looks like he’s ready for takeoff. I snapped a quick photo on my phone before he spied me and rolled over for a belly rub. That kid cracks me up. (The tongue, the TONGUE!).

For his newfound fame, he’ll earn an extra walk and maybe some peanut butter. That may garner some excitement, but no promises. After all, he is a lazy bully:

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A Dream Thanks

I’d like to give a heart felt shout out, sincere expression of gratitude, and virtual high-five to the inventor of the gift bag.


I would have never finished my Christmas wrapping if not for that blessed soul.  See:

Especially with these two around…

For both… the wrapping paper was a snack, the tape dispenser a teething apparatus and the ribbon a downright fascinating toy.

Despite being quite distracting, they did keep me company while filling in the bottom of our tree this weekend… their conversations are quite enlightening…

oh look, there she is with the camera again. let’s interact and give her some good material.

mom, please make me look good on the internets this time. There are some mommies of cute baby girls that read this blog and I need them to like me.

kid, please… just, no. Pretend you didn’t see me. I need to finish my 43rd nap of the day.

crap. he totally saw me.

MWAHAHAHAHA! Yes, I saw you. You are MINE. MINE. MINE. Come closer, you larger than life squeaky toy!

seriously… it’s time to take these two bottom teeth and get a matching set up top by gnawing on some bulldog wrinkles… num-num-num

kid, I’m only putting up with this because I know you’re going to hook me up with some sweet potato and avocado later.

I don’t know what he’s talking about, mom. Seriously. I eats all those foods myself, with my own two teethums.

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I cannot believe my BABY is six months old!  That is craziness.  For reaching this landmark, he earned a shirt.  He started off in just a diaper and in six short months has managed to get a complete outfit together… YET… six months remain until this project is complete.  Aren’t you just dying to know what else is in store?!

That smile was elusive this month.  Mostly because I decided it would be fun to take his picture after he wouldn’t go down for a nap.  Hey!  I’m still learning.  I’m only six months into this thing.  Mr. Dreamer and I tried everything for a smile…

We finally got it…

…with some good old fashioned peek-a-boo. Never fails.

We’ll be celebrating this half-year mark with some sweet potato and avocado… mmm… solids!

We’re keeping track of Kenton’s monthly shots here.

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Exactly seven trick-or-treaters stopped by the Dream tonight which means three things:

1) We have a lot of extra candy

2) It’s time to work on that exterior lighting issue

3) We had a little extra time on our hands to have some fun with Bowdoin the Bulldog and our pseudo-Bulldog:


really, mom?

oh, puh-leaze

Lame. Lame. Jinx!

well, I guess I'll at least give him a sniff.

maybe, possibly, in theory we could be friends

mmm... tasty baby fingers

too much excitement for that shutter speed, mom! TOO MUCH.

BFF's (bully friends furever)

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What’s up studs and bitches?

your guest bloggers for the day... paris and bowdoin the bulldogs.

We’re baaaaaaaaack!

We took over this blog once before and promised to chime in again when our world was rocked.  And let’s just say, we can’t quite pinpoint why – but OUR WORLD IS GETTNG ROCKED.

Something just seems different ‘round the Dream lately.  For instance, mom’s been hiding this big ball under her shirt for months and refuses to throw it for us!  Rude.  Bowdoin even asked politely twice (here and here).

So, that’s weird.

Also, there’s all sorts of cool new things coming in…

Toys, things that look like toys, things that squeak, and more toys.  However, we’re getting ZERO access to them.  What gives?!  Mom even posted about torturing us with keeping them out of reach – and shared this incredibly unflattering photo of Bowdoin royally pissed off about it…

Hmph.  That’s all really strange – but the kicker is that we haven’t been allowed out of the kitchen area in over a week!  Not since these two, scary men came with big machines that made lots of noise, smelled weird and spent hours erasing all Bulldog scent from the Dream’s carpets and floors.

the way life used to be

Do they have ANY IDEA how much effort we put into making this place smell just right?!  Mom and Dad really love the new grout “paint” – as they call it.  We call it crap.

Anyway, we wish someone would tell us what the CATNIP is going on.  Mom keeps pointing to that big ball under her shirt and asking if we’re ready to meet “BOB”… we think she may have gone crazy.  More snooping is necessary… we’ll keep you posted.

but, for now, we nap…

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