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First Birthday recap

Kenton’s first birthday was AWESOME. Today, I’ll recap what we did on his actual birthday – Thursday, May 31. Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a recap of his mustache party from Saturday.

He started the day with his first gift… a bubble machine…

…which was clearly a huge hit! That kid loves bubbles and is always pointing at our bubble bottles, saying, “More? More?” Thankfully, the new machine takes the work out of bubbles for mommy and daddy.

The bubbles were followed by a first birthday breakfast of champions – his first donut.

After a nap, it was off to the pool for some quality time in the H2O.

Then, after another nap (we’re still on a two-nap schedule)… it was off to a fancy dinner

Thankfully, the people around us didn’t seem to mind a “chatty” almost-toddling-toddler in their vicinity.

We finished up the day snapping some photos…

It was PERFECT. Given the belleh the babe is sporting in that photo, perhaps we should lay off the donuts and ice cream?

NAH! After all, this photo basically summarizes his party:

AWESOMENESS.  More tomorrow…

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Kenton’s big birthday partay is tomorrow afternoon! Here’s a look at the invites…

My friend, Danielle designed them – using a photo I shot – and inspired by the Pinterest Valentine’s Day project every one and their mom did this year.

Here’s the shot I used…
And Danielle’s design for the card itself…
She came up with the language on the back too. Too cute!
The Pinterest project instructs you to cut a hole in the photo to put the lollipop – or mustache on a stick in my case. However, the invite language on the back prevented me from doing that… so I used rubber cement to glue on the mustache sticks, but still leave them relatively easy to pull off.

I applied a small dot of rubber cement on Kenton’s hand, set the stick in the right spot, and then used a glass to hold it in place while it dried. Worked like a charm!

The mustaches, by the way, I also made myself – using a tutorial that Vancouver, BC blogger, Hillary with 2 L’s (please) sent me. (She’s awesome, by the way. Read her blog and follow her on Twitter.) She actually sells the mustaches, but sent me the DIY version out of the goodness of her heart – so I’ll save the secret formula. 🙂

In the end, I think they turned out great! Plus, our guests got a gift in the mail with the invite – and I’ve heard that some kids have already had a lot of fun with them, which was exactly the point!

I’ve got to run do 572 more things for the party on Saturday. I’ll be back on Monday with a recap!

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Has a year gone by already? I don’t believe it.


Today, Jason took the day off work and we are going to shower our little ONE YEAR OLD with attention, kisses, hugs, the zoo, ice cream, toys, whatever he wants – which will include bubbles and ice (not together). As a family, we’ll celebrate the date that changed our lives forever.

Little did we know what a big impact this kid would have on us, on our marriage, on me as a woman. It’s amazing. All those things people tell you about having kids… are true. They change your life. You won’t remember life before them. They’ll bring you purpose. You learn to live on less sleep than you ever thought possible. They’ll drive you crazy. They’ll bring unspeakable joy.

I love that I know exactly how to make Kenton laugh when he’s crying. I love that I’m the one he reaches for when he’s confused, upset, happy, tired, cranky, excited, etc. I love that he points at everything he sees, says, “That?” (which sounds more like, “dAAT?!”) and is curious about the world around him. I love that his big, blue eyes stop strangers in their tracks and makes them smile.

I remember taking a walk around our block shortly after coming home from the hospital, our baby tucked in the stroller, and desperately trying to describe my overflowing emotions to Jason. I told him, “I can’t believe how much I love him and we JUST MET! I would give my life for him. WITH PLEASURE. if asked – and we don’t really even ‘know’ each other.”

Now, we know each other – and my feelings have only grown. I love him more everyday.

He changes every day. He wakes up from a nap and he’s taller. He spends an afternoon with Grandma and his face changes. I love that I get to be a part of this incredible time in this little man’s life. I would not change one thing about him. Not one thing. His temperament, his personality are God-given traits. They are blessings. I will spend my life encouraging him to be himself – to expose the good in him and call him to be who God created him to be.

What an incredible PRIVILEGE it is to be the mother of this child. My heart is overwhelmed. And it’s only been one year!

And, yes, we did get the FINAL shot in our 12 month journey to dress our child. Here’s a sneak peak… full post coming next week:

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I cannot believe my baby is almost one! I literally broke into tears yesterday at 9:00 AM, because my water broke at that time on Memorial Day last year. Ahh, memories!

Kenton’s birthday is on Thursday and his party is on Saturday. So, it’s BIRTHDAY week on the blog! Hope you like cute blonde baby boys and mustaches. 🙂

The invitations have gone out and we’re having a mustache party! I’ll share all the details soon… Right now, I’m busy getting ready…

I’m making bunting. Cutting more mustaches than I ever imagined. Finalizing the menu. Cleaning (HA! Called back the cleaners I had to fire for one last hurrah!). Oh, and we’re frantically trying to finish our big painting project…

Can you see me and my baby bump in this really terrible, unedited photo?!

Thank you for all of the tips and suggestions you gave in answer to my cry for help last week. We finally figured it out – after much cursing and gnashing of teeth. The lines are straight and the paint is drying – we still need a second coat and it’s a HUGE bummer that Jason’s back decided to give out before the job was done. So, that’s going to be interesting! But, we will get it done – even if I have to cover it in mustaches.

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We are changing a lot around here and not just diapers.

BABIES!  They cause a lot of things to change.  Amen?

When they grow, they like things.  Things take up room and space and make noise and are fantastic for individual play time, but in a designated area.  Up until now, that’s been a corner of the living room.

This really blurry cell phone picture of Kenton climbing the stairs with toys strewn about in the background is the only photo I have of that nonsense. Clearly, it wasn’t something I was proud of! Our front door is just off to the left – so that was the scene that greeted people as soon as they entered the Dream. Not exactly welcoming.

We have now completely overhauled that room and made it much less kid-friendly (Ha! Seriously… sharp corners, a bar, “expensive-if-we-would-have-paid-full-price” furniture… not for the kiddos!)… which means the toys are gone and now in the guest bedroom! It’s the best room in the Dream for a play space.

My view from the kitchen – before the transformation.

Our guest room (the empty one with the ugly standing lamp) is right off the family room and kitchen.  We do get a steady stream of visitors, but we don’t feel like a B&B. So, we thought we could sacrifice the queen guest bed for something smaller and use the space for our little man’s possessions.

Here is what it looked like before:

We sold the furniture and mattress on Craig’s List. I also feel compelled to tell you that the comforter seen above only lived with us for a short time. We replaced it with a super cute Angela Adams polka-dot duvet cover. (We’re a bit obsessed with polka-dots). Okay, I feel better now.

Now, the guest/playroom is filled up with a trundle bed for guests/doubles as a day bed for reading time (or mommy rest time while a cute baby boy plays, but screams in horror if I leave his presence), sweet original art, a new (to us) changing table, kid’s art table, toys (TONS of toys!), and one happy pre-toddler…

Well, mostly happy…

I’ll be back soon with updates on this room… including how I turned this menagerie of fabric into a real focal point…

So far, we’ve only invested about $70 in the room. Sweet! More on that soon. For now, I need to tend to a baby boy calling “mommommommommaaaaa” over the monitor.

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You know, when I was working, I dreaded Mondays. Sometimes, I would forget that Monday was coming. I would be so involved in enjoying life with my little family, I would forget that I would have to leave it all behind and trudge into the office. That moment when I would remember, “Tomorrow is MONDAY!” was maddening. Looking back, I think that is also a sign that the environment I was heading into was not right for me. Now, there’s a twinge of disappointment that Jason won’t be around, but JOY over the fact I don’t have to go anywhere I don’t want to be. Ahh… I am basking in that right now. So grateful.

I’m counting the blessings in my new situation. Perhaps the most amazing one yet… witnessing Kenton take his FIRST STEPS!

Unfortunately, no photos or video of the actual event. 😦

The great “first steps” happened in our new music class Friday morning. We switched from our Saturday class since I have the time now during the week. I was excited to meet some other (presumably) SAHM’s and some new friends for K-man. About half-way through the class, he took two-three steps away from me – toward the teacher – then realized what he was doing and crumbled to the floor. I half-screamed, not wanting to embarass myself in front of the other mommies – and smothered him with kisses. One other mom pointed at Kenton and mouthed “Was that… first?!” I nodded enthusiastically.  Then, he did it again and I full-on screamed this time. The other mommies looked at me and I said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know any of you, but this is SO EXCITING!” Then, he did it THIRD time and everyone clapped and cheered for him. It was amazing! He was really excited – although I’m sure he had no idea why. I kept trying the rest of the class to get him to do it again with my iPhone video running, but no dice.

However, he still earned himself some ice cream to celebrate.

Friday, May 4, 2012 – 11 months and 3 days old – that was the moment. My mom and I were chatting about this pivotal moment over the weekend and she recounted the story of my first steps. Guess how old I was? 11 months and 3 days.  CRAZY, RIGHT?!

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Drumroll please….

11 months!

Sunglasses are the add this month… that young sir refused to wear. This was the only pic with them somewhat near his face and my mother-in-law’s hands out of the shot. He HATES them. (which is going to be a problem, living in Arizona)

Seriously. The only other remotely “good” choices were these…

You might also be able to tell in those pics that I was dealing with an unhappy fellow. In addition to being dressed up like a doll and forced to wear sunglasses against his will, he’s getting a first year molar (teething is a bitch, people and I hate her) and battling a cold with a pretty nasty fever. (Which means he got more ice cream. I know, mother of the year right here.) The fact we got some sort of photo to mark his eleven months on this earth is actually a miracle.

Also a miracle? Baby #2. Which means it’s time for bump shots again – and a comparison shot to the last pregnancy…

I’m definitely bigger this time! (And despite not feeling well, Sir Kenton does not like to sit or stand still – hence the blurry face!)

I am 16 weeks along and, once again, having one of the easiest pregnancies in the history of procreation. Just in the last few days, I’ve suffered some bouts of nausea – which is so strange because I’ve never had any morning sickness (in either pregnancy) – go ahead and curse me now. I know it’s not fair. So, I’m not even sure we can call it pregnancy-related. We’ll have to wait and see.

What’s different this time around? I keep forgetting I’m pregnant. On the phone last night, my mom asked how the pregnancy was going and I said, “I’m pregnant?” Not kidding. I have yet to pick up one pregnancy book. I have not felt the babe move yet (maybe… but not quite sure… besides, I was told my placenta is in the front this time, so that means I’ll feel movement later than usual). I guess I’m a bit distracted with the results of my first pregnancy!

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I can’t believe it, but yesterday, May 1st – Kenton turned 11 months old and welcomed his birthday month! He’ll be a year old on May 31st. Wow! Time is flying.

Today, I’ll be taking his 11 month picture (a day late… oopsie!). If you’ve been following his monthly photos, you know that each month we add a little something. We started off with just a diaper…

one month old!

By four months, we’d added a onesie, boxers and socks…

four months old!

By nine months… he had pants, a shirt, suspenders, shoes and a blazer (and was on the move!)…

nine months old!

Last month, he got a hat. I kind of love it.

ten months old!

So, just two months left in our little project! Any guesses what months eleven and twelve will bring?

See all of the monthly photos here.

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First of all, I cannot thank everyone adequately for your words of encouragement yesterday. The emails, messages, phone calls, texts, comments, tweets – everything. I’m surrounded by an incredible group of people and I am grateful for all of you. Things are going to work out just fine in my little world. I see many silver linings to my current situation and am looking forward to what lies ahead!

Okay, now for a bit of a random post… but I know a few future-momma’s read this blog and I feel compelled to share this information.

We’ve made a fairly significant change to a major piece of furniture in our house these days – baby’s highchair.

New is on the left, old is on the right. We’re downsizing.

In all honesty, I registered for this highchair because I liked the color. Give me a break, okay? Highchairs were at the end of the store, after several hours of overanalyzing bottles, diaper genies, and bedding – I was done. I thought, “Meh, I’ll research highchairs later. This one looks good, I can change it later if I want.” The problem was, I never wound up researching highchairs. (There are a lot of things to research, re: babies and highchairs weren’t even close to the top of my list). So, what made this kinda funny – we got this chair twice. Some sweet friends of ours ordered it for us online and had it delivered to our house. Then, some other friends gave it to us as a group gift at one of our showers (apparently, it didn’t get listed as “received” the first time). We returned one and kept the other in the box, unsure if we would keep it too. Until the day suddenly came (out of nowhere) and Kenton was ready for a highchair. So, against my better judgement, we put this puppy together and started using it. Almost immediately, I could tell it wasn’t a good fit.

I’ll spare you the details – but just know that where there are lots of nooks and crannies – there is not a place you want your infant learning to eat solids. Keeping the darn thing clean was next to impossible.

Cue: Ikea and the ‘disposable’ highchair.

While perusing Ikea recently, we noticed this fine specimen: the $25 highchair. (Which caused me to joke about calling it “disposable” – “Ha! It’s so cheap, if I don’t feel like cleaning it, I’ll just buy a new one! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” And then I lost my job. So, that joke’s not funny anymore…).  Anywho, the chair is $20 and the tray is $5. It’s the simplest thing in THE WORLD to keep clean. It takes up no space and we love it.

So, sorry to the fantastic people who bought us the first highchair. But let’s be honest. I don’t think I would have gone for a $25 highchair while still pregnant with my firstborn. But, it has to RECLINE. and a WASHABLE COVER, and a CUTE FABRIC, and a FOOTREST!  Blah-blah-blah. Not one of those things matters in real life. Now I know, now you know. Let’s all have some ice cream.

I know, I know, I’m a terrible mother.  I promise I fed him that before I lost my job when I had no time to research proper infant nutrition. I know better now and will still give him ice cream.

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Dream Higher, Mama!

We have a new addition in our backyard and it greatly (greatly) pleases the youngest member of our household.

Yep. Kenton’s first swing.  We’d been on the lookout for one for a while, hoping to find a great deal on Craig’s List or at a local kid’s consignment store. However, while walking through Costco with Meme (Jason’s parents are Meme & Pepe), she spotted this one and declared she had to buy it.  No argument here! Super-daddy got it up in about five minutes… with an observer in the distance.

The squeals of delight that come from this child while he is swinging (preferably high and fast… yikes!)… are so precious.

He loves it.

The only (major) bummer – the Dream has east/west exposure and so swinging is limited to the morning hours.  There’s simply too much direct sun in the afternoon/evening – not to mention it’s getting to be “that time” of year in Arizona so it’s also too darn hot. It does cool down after the sun sets, but our little man is long lost in his own dreams by that point.

So, for the next few months, if you need us in the morning – we’ll be out on the back patio with a cup of coffee checking out this delighted face.

How about you?  Anybody get a fun, easy project done this weekend?

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