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What a week! This is the first week in the history of this blog (nearly three years!) where I’ve put up a post every day. I’m not going to promise I’ll do that forever, but it sure is fun for now! It seems like you like it – at least by the numbers. I appreciate everyone stopping by and commenting. You know, they say you figure out who your true friends are during the difficult times and that is certainly true for me. Some people have really (pleasantly) surprised me with sweet words of encouragement and hope. That is such a blessing to me!

Now, on to the weekend plans!

If you live in the Phoenix area, make sure you stop by the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market tomorrow! I went last year and got a fabulous iron wall piece that I have yet to blog about… can’t wait to see what treasures I find tomorrow. I’m also going in support of my girl, Carrie. We were MOH’s in each other’s weddings…

(Carrie, if you don’t like the picture choice, post better options on Facebook. kaythanksIloveyoubye)

Now, she is the proud mama of three gorgeous kiddos and just started a brand new business, Red Dutch Door. She and her friend Genevieve make SUPER cute crafty things. I’m excited to see what they’ve cooked up! They are just one of dozens of sellers at Junk in the Trunk. Check out the full list of vendors here.

Also tomorrow, my monthly home improvement post for Her View From Home goes live. And… speaking of weddings… I’m talking about giving a goodbye kiss to the “wedding wall” in the Dream.

I found some fantastic FREE art online to put up instead. Make sure you check out Her View From Home mañana.

With that, enjoy your weekend and thanks again for such a FANTASTIC first week as a SAHM. (Still feels really weird to say that.)

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Her Dream From Home

Today is an exciting day!  The much anticipated Her View From Home site is live!

I’m honored to be the DIY/Home Improvement feature writer for this site.  My first post will go live on Saturday, but you can get a sneak peek here.  (It may look familiar!  Best to start with the most popular topic, eh?!)

This site will focus on women in central and rural Nebraska.  So, why is some chic from Snottsdale, Arizona involved?!  Well, that little nook of the world is incredibly special to me.  I spent more than two years in Kearney, Nebraska – right in the heart of central Nebraska – working as the Weekend Anchor and Reporter for NTV News… the ridiculously popular ABC affiliate in that area.

my “anchor portrait”

My parents still have that framed and displayed in their kitchen.  Don’t you just love my “anchor bob?” HA!

It was my first on-air gig and was quite the learning experience for this self-professed urbanite.  I fondly remember the news director explaining to me that I would have to read stock prices on the news – no big deal, right?  Well, imagine my surprise when he handed me the script and “stock prices” were actually what wheat and corn were selling for that day.  What?!  It was… interesting.  Actually, I loved it.  I loved the people and their stories.  I still have very close, lifelong friends there.  I never let go of my Nebraska connections and, thankfully, they didn’t let go of me (despite my on-air flub, when I said “Cornhunkers” while reporting on the wildly popular UNL football team – yep, true story – and there are a TON more where that came from.  I’ll spare you.)

So, head on over to the new Her View From Home site and check ‘er out.  I’m so proud of the women behind this venture.  They’ve put their heart and soul into this and I’m sure it will all pay off!

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Can you tell that Kenton was bouncing up and down by the blurred bum in that picture?  No?  Oh, you must have been focused on those wee little TOES and trying to figure out how to nomnomnom them.  I KNOW!  Ridiculously cute.

Okay, THAT’S ridiculously cute.  Amen?

There’s not much of a point to this blog post except to update you on a few things ’round these parts.  For one, the young lad in the photos above can now STAND.  On his own.  It’s pretty presh.  He’s not too good at it yet, which is a-okay by me.

PROUD MOMMA MOMENT ALERT – I caught the first “standing on his own” act on video… check it out:

If you can get past the obnoxious video voice, it’s pretty darn sweet.  -sigh- (and, yes, he was okay!)

In other news, I’m very excited to report I’ll be contributing to a new blog starting in April called, Her View From Home.  I gave one simple suggestion to Leslie on how to snaz up her kitchen clock and somehow I’m now worthy of contributing home design tips.  I know?!  Shh… don’t tell her the truth… let’s all have some fun with this for a while…

So, that will be fun!

Back to baby news…

Little man now has the following words in his vocabulary: Hi, Bye, Mommammmammaaa and Dadadadddaaaddaaaa.  He’s also mastered the high-five and waving.  He waves to everyone and everything, including ceiling fans.  So, we’re still kinda working on that one.

He also waves with his mouth full.  We’ve got a ways to go.

I cannot believe my sweet little prince will be nine months old this week.  Time has seriously flown by!

Mr. Dreamer is on a business trip this week and last night, Kenton saw him via FaceTime.  His reaction was priceless… smiled from ear-to-ear… exclaimed, “DADADADADADA!!!” and desperately tried to grab my iPhone.  So precious – both the Mr and I had a little moment there.

Okay, I’ll be back next time with a post I’ve been really excited about for a long time… creative diaper storage ideas!  Hope you like it!

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It’s party time, people.  Pinterest partayy time!

So, a bunch of cool blogs that I follow — What the Graham, Mrs. Priss, Stucco Bungalow (among others) — are hosting a Pinterest Partayy today and I thought I’d join in the fun.

Basically, we’re all taking something we’ve “pinned” on Pinterest and instead of just leaving it there on our virtual board of DIY dreams… we’re making these projects reality.

Here’s my Pinspiration:


1 – West Elm

2 – Tulip and Turnip

3 – Kara Paslay Designs

4 – Pepper Design Blog

And here is our finished product:

Disclaimer: For some reason, the photos do the fabric no justice.  It’s not as gold/red as it appears.  It actually has some silver and gray tones to it and blends really well with the color palette in this room.  I tried tweaking the colors in PhotoShop, but it still didn’t come out just right.  

We’ve been discussing making our own coffee table/ottoman for over a year.  Sad, but true.  I looked high and low for a used coffee table we could upholster, but never found one.  So, this entire piece is DIY by the Dreamers – the Mr did the construction and I did the upholstery – we tufted together.  (Sounds sexy, right?  Not really.)

I plan to do a more detailed Dream It Yourself (DIY) tutorial, but for the sake of getting this post up in time for the PARTAYY – here’s the shortened how-to version.

You start by enlisting your husband to build the frame:

We actually used fence post caps for the feet and they turned out perfect – and cheap!

Then, comes the upholstering…

Prequel… I didn’t get a photo, sorry!  We put furniture cushion foam (you know, the green kind) cut to measure – atop the wood frame.

1. Cover everything with batting.  I did two layers on the sides and one on top.  I secured it all with liquid spray adhesive.

2. Sew corners. (Sewing assistant in background is optional.) Sorry, no detail pics of this either.  It was a little frustrating.  In the end, I turned the fabric right-side down on top of the ottoman and pinned the corners.  I wanted it really taught, so I made sure I pinned it very snug.  Then, I sewed one line, about an inch below the corner of the foam down to the corner of the wood.  I cut out the access fabric, angling my cut to leave room for the corner to be covered.  They turned out really nice!  One corner was a little too snug, and I just sewed a new hem about a quarter-inch outside the original one, then ripped out the first one.  It fits perfectly!

3. Cut the bottom of the fabric, leaving enough extra to pull under the wood frame far enough that you won’t see the staples.

4. Staple away!

5. Be careful on the corners.

Here’s what it looked like when we were done with these steps…

(Again, it looks really red-orange here… not true to life, promise!)

So… now it’s time to TUFT.  That’s a term I, admittedly, had never heard of before starting this project.  I knew that tufting – or, adding buttons – would really take this piece up a notch… so… here we go…

Yes, we’re going a bit out of order here.  The tufting process actually begins before the fabric is upholstered.

1. We marked out the frame – penciling in where we knew the buttons would go.

2. Drill holes for the button threads.

3. Make buttons out of extra fabric using a kit sold at most craft stores.

3.5 (not pictured) – using upholstery needles, pull wax thread through the holes underneath, through the foam, batting and fabric.  It seems like it would be easy to loop the button and then draw the needle back through – but, for us, it was IMPOSSIBLE.  We drilled the holes bigger, tried every thing we could think of – but we could not get the needle back down through the hole.  So, unfortunately, we only had one piece of thread to work with. We tied it to the back of the button – then tied the two back-end threads next to each other together.  This is definitely a two person job – so you get the buttons really snug and TUFTED.  The word is making more sense now, isn’t it?  (Still not sexy though!)

4. It may be hard to tell what this is – but it is the underside of the buttons… the threads tied together.

And here, once again, is the finished project:

And some more looks… I am pretty damn proud of myself about those corners!  That’s the part I was most worried about…

So, what do you think?  Give me a comment below and let me know.  Meanwhile, check out the other Pinterest Partayy participants and their projects:

This is my kind of party!

If you did a Pinterest Partayy project, please link to it in your comment.   I can’t wait to see what everyone did.

Psst…. This ain’t my first rodeo.  A while back, I did another Pinterest-inspired project for the nursery – a “You are my Sunshine” wood canvas quote.  You can see that project here.  

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2011 was a record year for this little blog.  Momentum is picking up and we’re gaining more and more readers every day.  Thank you so much for stopping by!

In case you’re wondering what’s drawing some of you to our corner of the internet…. here is a recap of the attention this here blog’s been getting in recent months.

(Here’s a hint – most of you like baby nurseries and silver curtains.)

The fine folks over at Project Nursery loved the nursery polka-dots so much, they asked me to write an article telling other mommas-to-be how they can DIY dots themselves.

How FUN is that?!  Every once in a while, they put the article in rotation on their home page, which is SO FUN to see!

We also have a nursery gallery on Project Nursery, which you can see here:

Chic Cheap Nursery did a fun write up about the nursery too.  You can view that here:

And… this one was a HUGE surprise… Oh-Dee-Doh also loves the nursery dots and posted about them here:

WOW!  Thanks for all the nursery polka-dot lovin’!  We’re also all over Pinterest now and getting lots of blog hits from that fun site:

If you’re visiting from any of these fantastic sites, WELCOME! We’re glad you’re here. 🙂

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Got a tweet from a friend today that she spotted my nursery on ohdeedoh!  WHAT?!  She wasn’t lying.  Nope.  See:

Yeah, I KNOW.  Awesome.  Thanks, ohdeedoh for declaring our nursery a “winner.”  We’re humbled and tickled pink.

If you’re visiting from ohdeedoh, welcome!  More posts on the nur-suhr-ray can be found here and the complete budget breakdown (we did it for under $1,000!) is here.

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Dream Boards

We’ve gulped the kool-aid.  Bowed to peer pressure.  Joined the crowd.  After incredibly convincing posts this week on Young House Love and Dream Book Design – we were SOLD!

We’re now pinning away on Pinterest… and CANNOT STOP OURSELVES.  It’s quite addictive and fun, fun, fun!!!

Here’s our page:  http://pinterest.com/mrsdreamer/ and a taste of what we’ve pinned so far…

Come and join the pinning-party.  Everybody’s doing it. 🙂

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Dream Date

January 20, 2008

That’s our “dream date” — our wedding day.

Recently, we browsed through one of Mrs. Dreamer’s favorite stores – Anthropologie – and found something fun to commemorate that date:


These little spice jars called our name – especially when we saw they had our necessary number makeup.  But the PRICE made the purchase a no-brainer…

just $12 for the set! score!

We thought they’d be perfect on the window sill behind our dreamcet.

However, once we got them back to the Dream and pulled them out of their tissue paper – they seemed much more country-bumpkin than they did in-store.  Hmm… we are NOT knick-knack people and are now truly on the fence with these little numbers.  Sooooo…..

Can’t wait to see what you think.  BTW – We are working on that last point… trust us.  DIY landscaping, here we come (hopefully before the AZ summer hits!).

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(We’ve had a lot of “personal” posts lately, not necessarily home-improvement-related.  We’ll get back to those next with some fun before/afters and even a Mr. Dreamer post about an incredibly manly project he recently completed.  For now, grant us a post to boast about our new addition…)

You may recall, we already had a “Paris in the Dream” post – but this time we’re being literal.

No, we’re not talking about a socialite.  We’re talking about a dog.

Meet Paris:

We adopted Paris into the Dream family in November 2009.  She came to us from Love-a-Bull rescue.  The awesome volunteers there took care of her for months – providing thousands of dollars in veterinary care and countless hours of attention and nursing to get her back to health.  You see, she had a long road to recovery…

In early August 2009, Paris was the victim of a hit and run.  The impact broke her hip and sent her flying across the road.  She laid in agony for some time.

she had several open wounds...

and her belly burned because she was unable to lift it off the hot Arizona asphalt

She caused another accident as a car swerved to avoid her helpless little body.  Finally, a good Samaritan scooped her up and took her to an emergency vet.  She was then taken to the Arizona Humane Society.  She had no collar or microchip – so they gave her pain meds and kept her for a mandatory 72 hours.  Her owners never came forward.

Love-a-Bull to the rescue!

Love-a-Bull volunteers then swooped in and saved the day!  She was immediately taken to a great bully-vet for surgery.  Organizations lined up with grants to pay for her care and foster families fought over who would care for this sweet little girl.

paris then had major surgery on her hip, which required eight weeks of crate rest

Once that ordeal was over, she was up for adoption – and the Dreamers (along with Bowdoin) gladly took her in.

Today, Paris is sassy, sweet, and a solidified Dreamette.  Looking at these pictures of her journey, we can’t imagine her that way now.  She is an older gal and moves a bit slow – but that barely holds her back.

sibling rivalry!

So, that’s the story of how the newest Dreamer came to be a member of the fam.  If her story touches you in any way – we ask that you, as we do, donate to Love-a-Bull rescue so more bullies can have a happy ending to their stories.

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New Dream-zine

We take a brief pause from our pre-open-Dream-sweat-fest to bring you the following link…

The Dreamers heart Lonny Magazine — a new online magazine for those of us addicted to home decorating (and pretty things in general).

Go. Have a look.  Come back later this weekend to see how our kitchen turned out.  (We’re giddy with excitement over here!)

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