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Wedding Dreamer

I love weddings and I love entertaining – so when my co-worker, Kallie, got engaged, I knew I wanted to host her shower.  I work with some wonderful people – who love to throw a party every time something good happens to people.  (They threw me the biggest SURPRISE baby shower – it was ahhhh-mazing – and I am the least surpriseable person on the planet, but they got me.)  Usually, these celebrations are hosted at our office in a spacious break room area.  However, the Dream is just one mile from said office (location! location! location!), and I figured it would be a little cozier for our Saturday afternoon affair.  So, the Dream got an orange & pink makeover and we got our bridal shower ON.  (Orange & pink are the wedding colors – and FACTOID, those were our original wedding colors until we switched to blue, white and silver – mmhmm.)  Anyway, it was lovely.

Melissa, one of the hostesses, welcomes guests

the beautiful bride, enduring a game...

it was a funny game!

When it came time for presents…

I’ve never seen someone so genuinely overjoyed by each and EVERY gift!

prayer for the new couple - a special moment

Party People! Mwa, Melanie, Kallie, Melissa

(isn't this a fantastic engagement photo?!)

Best wishes to Kallie & Ryan!  May all of your DREAMS come true.

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California Dreamin’

So, Kenton and I flew to LA last weekend just because.  Just because we got a cheap ticket, the little man is a dream traveler at this stage, and two of my college girlfriends live there and desperately needed to meet their “nephew.” I think Kenton liked them. At least their “conversations” went well…

Well, helloooo there.

That was inappropriate.

Just kidding.  We’re good.

Really? Well, I can blow bubbles


My Mom did what in college?

I can totally picture her doing that!

Woah, wait, this is my first “LA cheek kiss.” Awkward.

Well, what do we have here?

Yes, take those glasses off so I can have a better look.

I like what I see!

I’ve been working on those. They’re getting more pinchable everyday.

You raise an interesting point…

I believe I am due for a milk shake.


3 girlfriends.

16 years.

1 college.

2 weddings.

1 divorce.

1 sister wife.

1 “grandpa”.

6 career changes.

1 baby.

1 missed flight that extended our fun on this trip.

Countless laughs.

Incredible memories.

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So, yeah, I realized recently that we passed our two year Dreamaversary with no fanfare.  Last year, I pulled together a fabulous post about all we had accomplished in our first year.  We accomplished a lot in our second year too:

While I’d like to promise another lengthy post about everything we did to the Dream in year two – I won’t – because it’s a promise I will undoubtedly break.  I blame the face in the photo above.

That said, we’ll be undergoing some changes ’round here.  I’ll still post about all of the improvements we’re making to our home, the foreclosure we scored at just the right moment in time (upcoming projects include: moving our laundry room upstairs, finally updating you on the master bedroom makeover, throwing up some true “after” nursery photos, and perhaps a living/dining room makeover).  However, my current favorite topic is our son, Kenton, and I’ll also start posting about him.  So, this will become a hybrid home-improvement-mommy blog.  I figure, no one pays me to do this, so I get to make those decisions.  So, there.

I will try and keep things as entertaining as possible… which leads me to my next post… stay tuned…

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Maine Dreamcation

Maine. It’s a pretty important place.  It’s where Mr. Dreamer was born and raised.  It’s where he met the Mrs and proposed to her.  It’s home to many family and friends.  So, of course, we had to take the babe there for a “show off the baby” tour.  We just got back and thought we’d share some of the fantastic memories of Kenton’s first (of many) trips to Vacationland (presented in collage form by his mom who just figured out how to easily do these suckers, sorry in advance for the overkill):

What a GREAT trip!  Now back to the desert heat… and normal routines.  BOO!

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Kenton’s official birth announcements went out recently. Is almost two months too late? Oh well.

Speaking of two months… check out his new photo here.

Now that I’ve had the newborn experience, I am amazed by every birth announcement I’ve ever received. It’s a miracle that they ever get out. It truly is! Here is the front of Kenton’s announcement:


To save some $$$, we took Kenton’s pictures ourselves. We thought we’d share some of them and how we captured them. Keep in mind – we have no idea really what we’re doing and when we get a good shot, it’s mostly just luck.


Isn’t he precious?! I know… I know… I’m biased. But SERIOUSLY. CUTE.

To be honest, I wanted to copy some of those trendy new newborn shots where they’re all sleepy and curled up in little balls – in wraps or so tiny they fit inside a hat. Apparently, those shots are taken when the babes are just a few days old. I did not come out of emergency-c-section-first-time-momma-new-baby-sleep-wha??-la-la-land for about ten days. So… by the time I got around to taking his photos, he was already too big for those types of shots. (Note to self, snap out of it sooner with babe #2!) If you’re paying close attention, you’ll note it took 10 days to two-weeks to take the photos another four or five weeks to actually get around to designing and ordering the announcements – then another week or two to get them addressed and out the door. Whew!

Anywho, back to the photos. I took ’em, Mr. Dreamer was my assistant. We took them in our living room, which gets the most natural light. We waited until late afternoon/early evening when the light was just right and not too bright (kind of a problem at times out here in sunny AZ). We used the faux sheepskin rug from the nursery and some fantastic swaddle cloths as the props. I simply positioned the little man in the rug, which was in his dad’s arms and took about 300 shots. Yep. For three – or, actually, four – keepers. We used one for the canvas portrait in his nursery… Which turned out amazing and we’ll share with you soon!

Here’s a sampling of some that didn’t make the cut:

The same rug/location/lighting comes in handy for Kenton’s monthly shots. Here are some outakes from his month 2 session:

We’ve been humbled by many sweet comments from people about the announcement photos. Really, we were blessed with a gorgeous model who’s also super mellow and willing to put up with his mom and dad’s shenanigans!

Are we the only parents crazy enough to take newborn portraits ourselves? Anyone else do this and have some tips to give us for next time?

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