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Yesterday was a big day in our house… Dedication day!

About twenty family members and close friends joined us for the event at our church and then came over to the Dream for a little lunch celebration.  Kenton thought it was extra special that his great-grandmother was here from California to witness this event.

(so did I – we also had a great aunt and uncle all the way from Maine!)

For those who don’t know, a dedication is not a baptism.  We believe that faith is something each person decides on their own, their parents or family of origin cannot choose it for them.  For that reason, in a dedication, we commit to raise Kenton in a Christian home, with our prayer being that he comes to know the Lord on his own at a young age.  If and when that happens, he can choose to be publicly baptized himself as an outward expression of his inward faith.  So, the dedication is more about we as parents and what we commit to do for our son, than it is about choosing a religion for him or guaranteeing his salvation.

We happen to go to a very large church, Scottsdale Bible Church, and it was a little nervewracking to be up in front of so many people (okay, not really for the Mr. & I, we’re both professional communicators – and Kenton seemed to love it too.  He even tried to steal the mic at one point.  Future reporter like momma?!)  The Mr. was the one with the tough job – reading the blessing we had written for our little man while not getting emotional and in the midst of battling a painful sinus infection.  He did a fantastic job!

watching the other families, young sir got a smidge restless

almost our turn!

so glad Jason read the blessing, I definitely would have been too emotional!

all done!

what up, mom? that was a piece of cake! (with grandpa)

The church really did a fantastic job.  They gave us a beautiful frame with Kenton’s picture and our blessing.  Definitely a keeper!  Just need to find a wall in the Dream for it…

Speaking of the Dream, our sweet friends and family continued the party back at our house.  I wanted to throw a big bash, but then remembered Kenton’s birthday is only a couple of months away (WHAT?!)… so I tried to keep things simple.  We did a fun yellow and blue color scheme and a nice, but simple lunch – croissants with this yummy chicken salad recipe (from my old TV station in Nebraska!), chips, fruit and homemade by grandma cupcakes.  Delish!

Such a fun and special day!  Thanks so much to those who helped us celebrate!

The major bummer… I didn’t get a really good pic of Kenton in his whole, cute getup – but I did snap this shot before we left in the morning and posted it on Instagram…

((SIGH)) Love him.

(Are you on Instagram?  Find me at “MrsDreamer” – I’ll follow you back!)

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So, I took an unexpected week off from blogging.  That was not intended.  There was a convergence of circumstances outside my control that prevented me from getting to where I am right now – the “add new post” box.  You know…

  • Sickness (the hubs & babe – not me, yet)
  • Work stress (you guys have no idea… I’ll tell you the story someday)
  • Too many commitments on my calendar (I’ve got something every night of the week, every week. UGH.)
  • Exhaustion (see notes above)
  • The Hunger Games (have you heard of it? -sarcasm- Time suck. Like a black hole, it just sucks you in.)

Good excuses?  I don’t know.  But they’re real.  And, unfortunately, they’re not going away soon (except for THG – I will finish those SOON – if the exhaustion doesn’t get the better of me first!).  So… I’ve decided to be less harsh on myself with the blog deadlines for now.  I have so many great posts started, just not completed – so, I will eventually get to them.  Like my long-promised diaper storage post, which was almost ready for you last week – but I decided the Photoshopping was half-a**ed and I scratched it.  See?

Sorry about that… much better collages to come.

Thanks for your patience and understanding… I’ll reward you with some fun news… soon.  😉

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Can you tell that Kenton was bouncing up and down by the blurred bum in that picture?  No?  Oh, you must have been focused on those wee little TOES and trying to figure out how to nomnomnom them.  I KNOW!  Ridiculously cute.

Okay, THAT’S ridiculously cute.  Amen?

There’s not much of a point to this blog post except to update you on a few things ’round these parts.  For one, the young lad in the photos above can now STAND.  On his own.  It’s pretty presh.  He’s not too good at it yet, which is a-okay by me.

PROUD MOMMA MOMENT ALERT – I caught the first “standing on his own” act on video… check it out:

If you can get past the obnoxious video voice, it’s pretty darn sweet.  -sigh- (and, yes, he was okay!)

In other news, I’m very excited to report I’ll be contributing to a new blog starting in April called, Her View From Home.  I gave one simple suggestion to Leslie on how to snaz up her kitchen clock and somehow I’m now worthy of contributing home design tips.  I know?!  Shh… don’t tell her the truth… let’s all have some fun with this for a while…

So, that will be fun!

Back to baby news…

Little man now has the following words in his vocabulary: Hi, Bye, Mommammmammaaa and Dadadadddaaaddaaaa.  He’s also mastered the high-five and waving.  He waves to everyone and everything, including ceiling fans.  So, we’re still kinda working on that one.

He also waves with his mouth full.  We’ve got a ways to go.

I cannot believe my sweet little prince will be nine months old this week.  Time has seriously flown by!

Mr. Dreamer is on a business trip this week and last night, Kenton saw him via FaceTime.  His reaction was priceless… smiled from ear-to-ear… exclaimed, “DADADADADADA!!!” and desperately tried to grab my iPhone.  So precious – both the Mr and I had a little moment there.

Okay, I’ll be back next time with a post I’ve been really excited about for a long time… creative diaper storage ideas!  Hope you like it!

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