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I think my OB reads this blog. Yikes! More on that in a second.

First, the BUMP! The full-term, 37 week BUMP…

37 weeks!

We did it! We made it to full term. Not that I’m shocked. My body seems to like having a baby in it and holds on to them for dear life as long as humanly possible. I know this is a blessing. Many mommas worry about making it to week 30 or 35 – so I won’t complain. I will, however, say that I am more anxious than last time that this babe not overstay his/her welcome (like Sir Kenton who cashed out EIGHT DAYS late). The longer we go, the less chance I have of a successful VBAC, which is my goal.

So… remember a couple of weeks ago, when I complained about having OB appointments EVERY GOSH DARN WEEK from here on out? Well, I think my OB must have read that. Because she told me to take this week off. FOR REALS. She’s livin’ it up in Cabo (hollah to our honeymoon spot!) and said I could see the Nurse Practitioner if I really wanted to, or I could skip. Um, that was an easy one… I chose “skip.” Which I never would have done last time around! This time, I’m hoping the two weeks off gives me a chance to actually progress a bit. (There was nada progress at my 36 week appointment.) And… I’m now taking any and all tips to get this baby to DROP. So, comment away on that topic, if you have something to share.

For this pregnancy, I’ve been trying to include Kenton in my bump shots, but that is getting harder and harder to accomplish. See…

He is a toddler on the move. Also, he’s feeling much better after his tummy bug and subsequent trip to the ER last week. MUCH better. He’s actually smiling now and his appetite is back with a vengeance. (We’re talking full, adult-size servings. Amazing.)

So, will this crazy kid have a little brother or sister? You can still vote in our poll!

PS – this is THE LAST BUMP PHOTO POST you will read at this url. New blog launches NEXT WEEK! YIPPEE!!!

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Pregnancy Week: Baby Poll

Okay, it’s time. Let’s practice what we’ll all be doing in November and cast a vote. First, like a good voter, go to the poll informed.

If you’re one of those who makes a call based on how a momma is carrying, well… here’s the latest bump pic…

If you want to see how the bump compares to my last pregnancy, check out this post.

Here are some other common myths/old wives tales and how I stack up…

  • Chinese Calendar – This thing is so confusing, I did it twice (there’s a couple different methods out there on the Interwebs) – once it said boy and once it said girl. HA!
  • Fetal heartbeat – it was 122 at my last visit, but that’s the lowest it’s been. It’s also been 130, 140 and 150.
  • Morning sickness – never had it, not once (in either pregnancy – don’t hate me)
  • Heartburn – only occasionally, not a real issue.
  • Cravings – my cravings are all over the map. But some cravings have included… lemonade, ice cream, chicken fingers, ice cream, ranch dressing, ice cream, Whoppers (recently, really strange), ice cream.

Okay, here are some differences between the two pregnancies:

  • First time, my feet swelled really early – two sizes bigger than normal. This time, the swelling has been minimal.
  • First time, baby was a mover and shaker – constantly, all the time. We have some funny videos of elbows and knees poking out of my belly. This time, the baby moves – but not nearly as much or as dramatic. (HOWEVER, I was told that my placenta is along the front wall – behind my belly button – and that could be muffling some of the movements.)
  • First time, I got carpal tunnel – really bad! This time, no carpal tunnel (also, no desk job) – but I did get a pregnancy stuffy nose – not a cold, not allergies – just a general stuffiness that comes with EVERY.PART.OF.YOUR.BODY.SINUSES.INCLUDED getting a bit puffy while carrying a preshush behbeh.
  • First time, I got some pretty intense headaches throughout the pregnancy. This time, I don’t think I’ve had one.

Okay, if you have any other questions – or tests you want me to try – comment below and I will respond.

If you’re ready… VOTE!

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Pregnancy Week: Boy vs. Girl

You are in for a treat today! That is, if seeing my face and hearing my voice is a treat for you. Because… today, I present our first VLOG!

It’s a bit of a rant, but it was easier to say than type… so here it is – my thoughts on having a baby girl or another boy…

Please ignore the mic cord under my shirt that looks like some strange vein popping out. I haven’t mic’d myself while this pregnant before!

Thoughts? Please leave a comment!

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Get ready… LOTS of bump shots for you today…

36 weeks!

36 weeks of growth in that bump!

Because it’s a week ending in “6” – that means it’s bump comparison time. Here’s how the bump has progressed from week 16, when I started sharing photos:

16 weeks vs. 26 weeks vs. 36 weeks in pregnancy #2

Let’s compare this progress to when Kenton was in that belleh…

16 weeks vs. 26 weeks vs. 36 weeks in pregnancy #1

Is it just me or is there less of a dramatic difference this time around between weeks 26 and 36? Last time, you can see a lot of growth… this time, I feel like it didn’t really change much. Hmm… could be the camera angle. I dunno. Here’s the 36 week to 36 week comparison… Am I carrying differently?

36 weeks: Pregnancy #1 vs. Pregnancy #2

Sorry about the quality of that image. I had to snag the photo on the left off the site because I couldn’t find the original anywhere. Oopsies!

Personally, I see only a slight difference. I think the bump slants down more on top and is overall slightly smaller. But… what do you think?

I did forget to have Kenton in my “official” 36 week shot – but he was hanging out with me and we did get one shot together…

He’s a bit out of sorts and clingy because he’s not feeling well. In fact, we spent half the day yesterday in the ER:

Poor guy! He’s had a stomach bug and was a bit dehydrated, so he needed an IV. It was incredibly traumatic experience for him, me and Jason. UGH! As any parent knows, it is absolutely heartbreaking to see your child hurting and upset. However, I think that intervention did the trick as he does seem a bit better today. Whew!

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It’s day two of Pregnancy Week here on Our Dream Foreclosure and today’s topic – the baby room plan! Yesterday, I discussed my birth plan and may have shared a bit too much… heehee.

The most popular post in our blog’s little history is on Kenton’s nursery…

The plan all along was to make that room gender neutral and use it for both of our babies. I can’t believe it’s actually time to move Kenton out and make way for his little brother or sister!

Kenton – about three months old

Kenton – 15 months old

He has very few days left in this room…

But he’s taking the crib along with him to… his “big boy” room!

Well, we’re calling it Kenton’s big boy room, but it’s really going to look like another nursery – a boy’s nursery – for a while.

More on that in a minute, back to where the new baby will sleep.

Note: we later swapped out the rocker/ottoman – pic at the top of this post is accurate.

Baby will go in the nursery and the only major change we’re making is a crib swap.  Since Kenton is taking his crib with him, baby needs a new crib – which we’ve already purchased.

We decided not to get the same crib we got for Kenton and go for a cheaper, Ikea crib for the baby. Why? Because we care less about our second child.

Ha! Obviously, that’s not true. Kenton is very active – jumping in his crib and basically beating the thing up. The baby will be a blob for about three months, then just roll around for another three. Finally, around six months he/she will be sitting up and a couple months after that will start to pull up to stand. Basically, we figure we have at least six months with the “cheap” crib before Kenton may be ready for a toddler bed and the baby gets the sturdier crib in time for shenanigans like standing and jumping. That’s the thought anyway, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Right now, it was far less painful to spend $99 than $300 – plus we still had to buy a $169 mattress. Kids are expensive!

Other than the crib, we’ll only make minor changes – like swapping out the K’s and other items with Kenton’s name. And, of course, we’ll have my mom add a bird to the wire!

The closet will have to be cleared of 24mos clothing and newborn selections will be put back (I kept them all!).

We’ll also add a portrait of the new baby to this wall, once we have a chance to take one.

My initial thought is that I’ll move Kenton’s portrait up higher and put the new one below it – but we’ll see how it comes together.

But that’s it… otherwise this room is ready to go!

It’s the room next store we’re working hard on. That’s where Kenton is moving. Here’s a look at how the upstairs rooms are organized from my depressing Upstairs to do list post:

The most challenging part of this room shuffle was taking all of my sewing/craft crap that had been in Kenton’s new room and moving it into the study – into a merged space – Half office/half craft room. That part is coming together nicely, actually – but that’s for another post!

Kenton’s room is coming along… but is not ready to be revealed. It’s going to be a “Big Boy Bike Room” – with inspiration from Le Tour de France. This photo is my primary inspiration.

It was taken in Annecy, France while we were there following Le Tour. I love the different Tour jerseys criss-crossing the quintessential European street. I have those colors/patterns and I’ll be making some bunting to mimic this and using those colors as accents in the space.

We actually have a yellow jersey signed by the 2009 tour winner, Alberto Contador, that we will display in there.

There’s Jason with the jersey just after we scored the autograph. That was such a fun day!

The Olympic rings will finally move from their temporary spot in the playroom into Kenton’s room:

We’ll also be putting up bookshelves on one side and using a little Ikea tent as a reading cave.

Our goal is to make it look more like the flamme rouge you see with one KM left in a bike race than a circus tent (don’t know cycling lingo? Google it or come back later to see the Ikea hack!).

So, that’s the plan. We’re almost there! I’m excited to show you the new room. Kenton would like to show you his bellybutton, if he could figure out buttons…

Meanwhile, I’m soaking in every second with my firstborn as my “only”…

Self-portrait in our daily-used, slightly-messy nursery. Only my “baby” for four more weeks! 

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Welcome to Pregnancy Week here at Our Dream Foreclosure! This week, I’ll mark my 36th week of pregnancy #2. I.CANNOT.BELIEVE.IT. This pregnancy is flying by so fast compared to pregnancy #1 (which seemed to drag on and on).

Today’s topic: The Birth Plan

This is a funny topic to me because my goal last time – and this time – is to plan as little as possible so I don’t end up disappointed. Last time, that turned out to be a wise choice. As I wrote about in Kenton’s Birth Story – I wound up with an emergency c-section due to cord occult, a possibly serious situation where his life and mine would have been at risk if we proceeded with a vaginal birth.

So happy listening to angry/healthy baby screams after my c-section.

This time, I had a choice. I could schedule a repeat c-section or try again for vaginal birth in what’s called a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC).

No one would question me if I did a repeat c-section. I don’t know the stats, but I guess that’s what most women do. At first, it’s what I thought I would do. I had a good c-section experience the first time. Recovery was painful, but you don’t bring a child into this world without some form of uncomfortable recovery time. My scar healed quickly and thanks to some assistance is already fading away. Last time, I politely turned down prescription pain meds only to greatly regret that a few days later and sent Jason running to the drug store to fill the prescription. For two weeks, I was in a constant state of zombiness. But, that was a c-section/first time momma combo, I believe. One of the greatest benefits to the c-section is that my OB cleaned me out really well – so I had basically no bleeding afterward. Awesome, right?! (Hey, I’ve only had one period in the last two years – true story! – I’m not exactly jumping at the chance to experience that again.)

So, if I did the c-section again, there are several pro’s in my book.

  • As a planner, I liked the idea of knowing the baby’s birthdate ahead of time.
  • I liked the idea I could get a good night’s rest the night before and go into this next chapter of two under two with at least one night’s sleep under my belt.
  • I liked the bleeding thing – seriously.
  • I would plan on happily filling my pain med prescription immediately.
  • It’s something I have already experienced and therefore know what to expect.

But… there are some con’s too.

  • The most important con, for me – was the recovery “rule” that you not lift anything heavier than the newborn for six weeks post-surgery. That would mean no lifting my 16-month old for almost two months. That is nearly an unbearable thought to me. Kenton’s world is about to get seriously rocked. If I can’t pick him up when he cries for me – it’s going to be really hard, on both of us.
  • The other major con is breastfeeding. Last time, my milk took six days to come in and even after it did, I constantly struggled with having enough. The c-section may be partly to blame for that. This time, I am hell bent on having a better breastfeeding experience. In fact, I’ve already contact local lactation experts and warned them I’ll be calling. A lot.

So, after thinking over these things, talking to Jason and my OB, I’ve decided on a VBAC.

I’m a bit nervous. VBAC’s are best when there’s been at least 18 months between deliveries – not my case. However, I’m mentally prepared to do it. I want to do it. I’ve been trying to get my body into shape to do it. So, hopefully, I can do it!

My OB has warned me, however, that if I go to 41 weeks, we’re scheduling a c-section. She said that the success rate of VBAC drops dramatically after that point – and I cannot be induced – so we’ll have to go the surgical route again. Kenton was eight days late, so that is still a very real possibility. I cannot be induced because (watch out for amateur terms here)… if my body is not ready on its own for labor and we start that process artificially, baby’s head could start banging up against my previous c-section scar, putting me at risk of uterine rupture. We all know that’s a bad idea! Also, the hospital where I’ll be delivering does not permit inducing a VBAC patient. So, that’s that.

If you’re a praying person, I would sure appreciate you praying that this baby comes on its own, perhaps a few days early, and I am able to have a successful VBAC.

Either way, this is what’s most important…

A healthy baby in mommy’s arms!

So, the other aspects of my VBAC birth plan include:

  • Epidural! I don’t need to be a hero, but I would like to get to 6cm on my own first.
  • Delayed cord cutting. We are not collecting cord blood – so I want the good stuff pumped into the baby before it’s cut.
  • Immediate breastfeeding – I’m serious about it!

Obviously, I’ll keep you posted!

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This is a week to celebrate. It’s my last week without an OB appointment!

35 weeks!

I had an appointment last week, the last of my every other week appointments. Starting next week, my OB will see me at least once a week until this bambino appears.

Last time around, this was a tortuous week.

“But… my behbeh! I want to hear the heartbeat and know everything is okay! I want to be measured and told if I’m dialated. I want attention! I want, no I NEED information. Lots of information! Information about information!”

This time, this week is bliss. But next week will be tortuous.

“UGH… Doctors appointments EVERY WEEK?! Are you sure? I’m a very busy person. I feel this baby kicking my ribcage on a daily basis. We’re good. How about we just check in if my water breaks or real contractions actually start. Then, I’m going to need you. But right now, I have no interest in knowing my weight, blood pressure, or how many centimeters huge my belly is – and Lord knows I’m done peeing in that cup.”

Ahh, the difference between pregnancy #1 and #2!

I seriously have no time to think about this baby actually coming, until he/she actually comes. Last time, it was all I thought about. EVERY.MOMENT.OF.MY.LIFE. Poor baby.

I do, however, have plenty of time to overanalyze our baby name choices. Last time around, by this point, we were completely settled on two names. A boy would be Kenton Albert and a girl would be Bianca Sue. (Just kidding about the girl name – I can’t share it because it’s still on the short list this time around. For the record, I LOVE the name Bianca – but Jason ix-nayed it.) This time, we’re pretty-much-sorda-probably-maybe settled on one boy’s name, with no real backups. We have three girl’s names we keep tossing around – with one strong frontrunner, NOT the girl name from last time around – interestingly enough. For a 72 hour period over the weekend, I hated ALL of the names. EVERY NAME EVER SPOKEN ON EARTH (save, Kenton – still love that name – but we can’t use it twice). I told Jason we had to go back to the drawing board because none of our choices were acceptable.

I also told him I HAD TO KNOW the gender and we needed to watch the DVD of the ultrasound to try and see what it was – because I could not go another minute not knowing. Thankfully, the DVD could not be located and that moment of temporary insanity passed. I mean, come on! I’ve waited this long… what’s another five weeks?!

And… After looking over our name short list again – and the meanings behind the names – I was once again comfortable with our choices. I did, however, make a middle name adjustment/suggestion – which made me feel better (in control?) but no birth certificate’s been signed yet… so we shall see what ends up happening.

All that to say, I’m still crazy. Still pregnant and crazy.

Because pregnancy is making me crazy… I need to let you know that all next week is PREGNANCY WEEK here on Our Dream Foreclosure! That’s right… Monday – Friday next week, we’ll have a new post every day about this pregnancy. It will be fun. I hope you come back and check it out.

PS – We’ll be launching an entirely new blog soon. EEEK!!! So excited! Stay tuned for more on that.

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I’m a day late with this post… oopsies! Yesterday was another one of my crrrrrazzzzy days (see previous bump post for more on that).  Without further ado… le bump:

34 weeks! (and one day)

A bit of an unconventional photo, but I didn’t get a chance to have someone take one yesterday due to the craziness. I posted this one on Instagram this morning and it is now officially in the record books as “Dreambaby #2 Pregnancy BUMP PHOTO! (week 34).”

(Psst… are we following each other on Instagram? If not, find me, “MrsDreamer.”)

So… I’m taking advantage of this pregnancy… kind of to an extreme.

Why, yes, that IS a handicap placard. WOOHOO! I had no idea you could get one of these handy little devices during pregnancy, but YOU CAN. AND I DID. I HAVE NO SHAME.

In all honesty, parking where I teach (ASU’s downtown Phoenix campus) is brutal. I could not find normal parking and was rushing down six stories to feed a meter every couple of hours, which is uncomfortable in and of itself in 100+degree heat, but throw an extra 30 pounds on and it’s REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE. Throw some Braxton Hicks on top of that and… yeah… it was bad. So, my OB hooked this sister up. At first, I thought, “This is so nice, but I’ll only use it when I really need it – on the days that I’m teaching.” Welp, that went out the window about ten minutes after the placard was in my hands. “Oh, hey, lookey there, that handicap spot has way better car seat exit access than these other spots, and I’m only running into that kid’s clothing store for a minute.” Then… “Ugh, I just hate walking so far at THE GYM and these handicap spots are always open…” (because it’s THE GYM). I did get a seriously evil glare from a fellow-handicap-placarded elderly gentleman at the post office. WHATEV. I don’t care. I’m going to fully enjoy limited walking distances for the next next six weeks of this pregnancy… and until February when my placard expires. 


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First of all, I just want to say this photo looks nothing like me.

33 weeks!

I mean, it is me, but it doesn’t look like me. My hair is big and it looks like I have hairy ears. Neither are true. Truly. Kenton is cute! He’s drinking milk and wearing cute “big boy” PJ’s! Look at Kenton! Kenton and the bump. Divert your attention from that random face at the top. In fact, wait… here’s a better picture…

Whew. That’s better.

In other news, this 33rd week of pregnancy is also the CRAZIEST week on my calendar… here, let’s take a peek:

    • 8:00 AM – set the crockpot on low, pray it doesn’t blow up the house
    • 8:15 AM – drop Kenton off with Mom for the day
    • 8:15-9:00 – drive downtown, through traffic, for first day of teaching
    • 9:00-9:30 – drive around in circles looking for parking, start to cry
    • 9:30-10:30 – park in metered parking, rush into building, utter many curses for not throwing deodorant in purse, madly make sure everything is in order for class, see that 90% is not
    • 10:30 – race down and feed meter, stop for Braxton Hicks
    • 10:30-12:00 – teach (at least this part went well)
    • 12:00 – let kids out early, race down and feed meter, stop for more BH
    • 12:00-1:00 – try to sort out university IT issues
    • 1:15-2:00 – race to appointment
    • 2:00-3:00- appointment
    • 3:00-3:15 – race to OB office for a MINOR OF ALL MINOR issues that they asked you to “rush” in for
    • 3:15 -arrive on time for OB appointment
    • 3:50 – get called back for 3:15 appointment
    • 4:00 – race out of OB office with that “I told you so” look – RACE to meet mom at 4:00 for Kenton’s swim lesson
    • 4:15 – arrive, 15 min late, to fill out paperwork for Kenton’s first swim lesson
    • 4:29 – Jason arrives to get in the pool with Kenton
    • 4:30-5:00 – wave and blow kisses at adorable son screaming in delight throughout his swim lesson
    • 5:00-5:10 – change Kenton out of swimsuit into dry clothes, race after his naked little body that escaped (twice!) mid-change
    • 5:10-5:20 – race home
    • 5:20-6:00 – serve dinner from the crockpot to mom, Jason, yourself and Kenton (the few bites he’ll actually eat, anyway)
    • 6:00-6:15 – ride with mom to event at church
    • 6:15-7:00 – “rehearse” skit for church event, when actually there is no rehearsing – only chatter with friends you haven’t seen for a while.
    • 7:00 – panic when you see 250+ people have shown up for event and you never rehearsed your skit
    • 7:15 -7:25 – perform “skit” completely ad-libbed, find power in yourself to continue when people actually laugh
    • 7:25-8:00 – politely sit through remainder of event, try to keep eyes open while suffering utter exhaustion
    • 8:00-9:15 – attempt to leave event, but are not successful for more than an hour despite nabbing a seat near the exit, catch up with friends and mom’s friends, try to keep eyes open while suffering utter exhaustion, shift weight back and forth in desperate attempt to relieve tired/sore feet
    • 9:15-9:30 – hitch ride home from Mom
    • 9:30 – LIGHTS OUT!
    • 9:30-??? – toss and turn all night, no sleeping
    • 5:40 – wake when Kenton wakes
    • 5:40-9:00 – try to stay awake, feed Kenton, play with Kenton, chase Kenton, appease Kenton, keep Kenton from torturing the dog, cry tears of joy when he shows sure-fire signs of taking a morning nap, drink more than the allotted amount of caffeine during pregnancy, pray the baby in the belly doesn’t grow a second head
    • 9:00-10:30 – Kenton naps, madly start cleaning house for guests later that evening
    • 10:30 – wake Kenton, put a smoothie under his nose because you forgot to wake him earlier and actually give him a decent snack
    • 10:40 – load Kenton (with smoothie) into car, drive to gym
    • 10:55 – drop Kenton off in childcare, celebrate the fact he actually waves bye-bye now and doesn’t cry
    • 11:00 – see an old friend and catch up for a few
    • 11:10 – show up ten minutes late for personal training. WHOOPSIES.
    • 11:10-12:00 – have butt squarely kicked by personal trainer, beg her to stop torture, give the evil eye when she laughs
    • 12:00-12:15 – limp to locker room, change clothes, deodorant (no shower, because… nah…), realize you have a crazy craving for Chic-Fil-A, also realize you left wallet at home.
    • 12:15-12:30 – rescue Kenton from child care, race home, grab wallet, head to Chic-Fil-A
    • 12:30-1:00 – satisfy craving, snicker watching Kenton blow kisses at little girls, tolerate the guy one table over telling you how your life is going to be hell for the next FIVE YEARS because your kids will be so close together
    • 1:00-1:30 – grocery shop, stop every 10 seconds, roughly, for old ladies to ogle over Kenton
    • 1:30 – hit up McDonald’s drive through for a chocolate shake, because… heck… you had a hard workout and fried chicken just didn’t cut it
    • 2:00 – get home, catch Kenton rubbing his eyes, celebrate the early arrival of the afternoon nap
    • 2:10 – put Kenton down for nap, lay down yourself and attempt to rest
    • 2:15-3:00 – lay down with eyes closed listening to Kenton alternate between playing and screaming bloody murder on the monitor
    • 3:00 – give up hope of afternoon nap
    • 3:00-4:30 – entertain Kenton, simultaneously attempt to clean house for impending guest arrival
    • 4:30-7:00 – smother husband with kisses when he gets home early to mop the floor for you, feed family leftovers, bathe Kenton, hand Kenton to husband, half-heartedly attempt to freshen up
    • 7:00-9:00 – welcome guests, entertain, eat dessert (they brought – because you’ve learned you just can’t do it all), try to keep eyes open while suffering utter exhaustion
    • 9:00 – say goodbye to last guest, race upstairs, LIGHTS OUT
    • 9:00-??? – toss and turn, no sleep (2nd night in a row!)
    • 5:00 – wake before Kenton
    • 5:00-6:00 – get ready
    • 6:00-6:30 – Kenton wakes, demands silly things like attention, diaper change and food – attend to those needs
    • 6:30 – Mom arrives to take care of him, offer instructions for the day
    • 6:45-7:15 – leave house, race to Starbucks, race to friend’s house
    • 7:15 – meet at friend’s house, help load car, offer outfit advice for her upcoming TV appearance
    • 7:30-8:00 – drive to TV station
    • 8:00-9:00 – prep kitchen for her segment on local TV show, offer last minute advice, remind host you used to work with her when you were just out of college, warmly accept host’s blank stare as a compliment you weren’t too much trouble back then
    • 9:00-10:00 – silently cheer on friend from off-camera as she rocks the house during her segments, take photo during commercial break:
    • 10:00-10:20 – madly drive to campus, pray parking will suddenly appear
    • 10:20 – find metered parking, race to class
    • 10:30-12:15 – teach
    • 12:15 – run down to feed meter, stop for Braxton Hicks
    • 12:15-2:15 – work in office on campus
    • 2:15-2:45 – drive back to ‘hood
    • 2:45 – bang trim appointment
    • 3:00-4:00 – race home, work on this here blog post
    • 4:15 – meet mom for Kenton’s swim lesson
    • 4:30-5:00 – take Kenton through swim lesson #2
    • 5:00-5:10 – change him, hope no naked escape attempts occur
    • 5:15-6:30 – dinner out with family
    • 6:30 – put Kenton to bed, follow accordingly
    • 6:30-???? – sleep like a baby

Sheesh. No wonder I’m EXHAUSTED.

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Okay, so here’s the rushed picture taken eight minutes before my OB appointment this morning, after I had been up and down all night with Kenton, who has a fever…

32 weeks!

Sorry. It’s the best I could do.

Because I feel compelled to prove myself… here’s the fever log evidence from last night and this morning:

Good times. Felt like practice for the newborn I’ll have in my arms in about eight SHORT weeks. Speaking of… after the OB appointment… I ran across the street to the hospital to do this…

It’s starting to all sink in… this baby will actually be arriving soon, despite my denying how close his/her due date is on the calendar. (It’s officially, October 17, 2012… but we’re really hoping for 10/11/12… wouldn’t that be an awesome birthday?!)

Anyway, we’re at the 32 week mark, less than two months to go. I’m feeling great – aside from my possibly broken toe from getting up/down so much last night – stubbing it on something in the dark was bound to happen. Even spotting this IN THE EXAM ROOM OF MY OB OFFICE (!) didn’t really bother me…

Really? In an OB OFFICE?!

It probably didn’t bother me too much because I (finally) maintained my weight gain this checkup. My doctor was really happy – as was I. Apparently, all of that working out is paying off! Whew!

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