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Exactly seven trick-or-treaters stopped by the Dream tonight which means three things:

1) We have a lot of extra candy

2) It’s time to work on that exterior lighting issue

3) We had a little extra time on our hands to have some fun with Bowdoin the Bulldog and our pseudo-Bulldog:


really, mom?

oh, puh-leaze

Lame. Lame. Jinx!

well, I guess I'll at least give him a sniff.

maybe, possibly, in theory we could be friends

mmm... tasty baby fingers

too much excitement for that shutter speed, mom! TOO MUCH.

BFF's (bully friends furever)

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Happy HalloDream

We don’t really “celebrate” Halloween at the Dream – but a certain 5-month-old dressed in a Bulldog costume will be doling out candy this evening… and in honor of cooler temps finally coming to our neck of the cacti… here’s some shots of a kid we found in a pumpkin patch this weekend:

can't quite sit up on my own yet

Our baby Dreamer was at this same pumpkin patch last year, when he was about the size of a pumpkin seed.  Remember? 🙂

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BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Our first family photo shoot is happening.  In three days.

We have the subjects, location and photographer.

We have NO IDEA what to wear.

That’s where you come in.  More on that in a minute…

First, check out this handsome couple:

Yeah, that would be from our wedding day – January 20, 2008.

We seriously lucked out in the wedding photograph category.  In fact, I would show you more, but I don’t have them saved on this computer because there are approximately 5,000 (not exaggerating).  We’ve always envisioned our fantastic photographer – Jennifer Radack of O’Grace Photography – taking our family portrait.  Now, we’ve got the family and she’s graciously squeezed us into her crazy schedule.

Jennifer also suggested the perfect urban-yet-somewhat-southwest setting.  We just have to figure out what to wear.  Because we are wearing something.

This is a crucial moment in time…  Our first family portrait, which will grace the Dream’s walls for decades (crazy, right?) – AND be on our 2011 Christmas card, the first card with Kenton.  We’ve already blogged about how much we love doing Christmas cards every year – here’s one of our past images that turned out kinda fun:

My parents are also crashing the photo session.

I took this picture. I was trying to be artsy. Aren't they all cute and lovey?

Because everybody wants a picture with Mr. Popular here:

(Wish the Original Dreamers were here and could join us too!).

Two Grandparents.

Two Parents.

One Baby.

No Doggies.

And none of this…

just say "No" to matchy-matchy

Which is the perfect segue back to my original question… WHAT TO WEAR?!

I’ve been perusing Pinterest for inspiration (I even dedicated a whole board to it) and here’s what I’ve found…

original photo sources can be found here

I’m leaning towards the gray/blue/brown palette, but am open to suggestions… So… Suggest.  PLEASE.

PS – Speaking of Pinterest – our nursery ideas are getting pinned over and over and over again.  So exciting!

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Kenton’s nursery is a finalist for “Project of the Month” on Project Nursery!  Can you believe it?!

Just click here to cast your vote – which you can do every 24 hours.  VERY EXCITING.  Don’t be distracted by the other ridiculously adorable competition… focus!

Also adorable…

The little man himself, (Pictured with his girlfriend.)  He’s now 20 weeks old, officially 4.5 months and has two teeth.  Yes, TWO.  Need proof?  Fine.

Apparently, photographing teeth is traumatic.  Poor kid.  However, he’ll appreciate that we have evidence of this milestone at some point. Right? Okay, maybe not… good thing Dad is around to comfort him. (Meanwhile, mom just keeps snapping pictures!  I’m not a terrible mother, I promise – I just even find the sad faces ridiculously adorable.)

Am I right?!

Okay, now GO VOTE!

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Now that we’ve had a baby for nearly 20 weeks, we’re basically experts in this whole parenting thing.


We do, however, have ten things that we’ve found helpful to our survival thus far… and here they are (just click on the images for more info):

What do you think?  Anything you agree can’t be lived without?  Anything we’re missing that we should add?

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There are moments when Kenton looks so much like his dad, it’s jaw-dropping.  Then, you scan a bunch of 30+ year old photos, crop them and search for the photo evidence to share with the webisphere – and you get nada.  Apparently, I need to take take more pictures – and give it some time.  Here are some examples… what do you think?



I have to admit, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping the like-father-like-son trend continues, because if so – this is in my future…


And then… if we’re really lucky… he grows up into a wonderful, handsome, amazing man, like this:

love him

Awe….  I know.  Mushy-mushy-lovey-lovey.  Who knows, we might even get this:



In fact, my husband IS the body double for Kellan Lutz* (of Twilight fame for those living under a rock).

But, for now, we’ll just have to wait – and snuggle our little Dreamer.

*Fun fact: I actually interviewed Kellan when he was a wee 16 year old model with big dreams of going to Hollywood after high school.  He was in a fashion show in Scottsdale, which I covered for the station I worked for back then.  So, basically, I discovered him and he owes me. A lot.

**In other news, my husband is not actually Kellan’s body double. But Kellan’s people can feel free to call us if they need one – or if they need a baby to play his son, because… OBVIOUSLY.

***This post was not pre-approved by Mr. Dreamer (yikes)

****First photo Kellan is from here.  Second one is from here.

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DIY Dreamtraits

You may or may not remember, but I did carry this child for 41 weeks.  I blabbed all about that experience here.  However, I’m afraid those photos are the only proof I have that this child is mine.  Little does he know right now, but Kenton appears to have the good genes – his dad’s.  He’s tall, lean, blonde with big blue eyes.  He even seems to have Mr. Dreamer’s laid back personality.  WHEW.  I was really worried I’d have one of me, which would be frightening.  The only thing I would like are some more of those fantastic baby fat rolls, but they are nowhere to be seen on my little love.


Wondering who our babe would like was the inspiration behind one DIY nursery project.  We DIY’d some Ikea frames showcasing the baby portraits of the two grownups responsible for this pile of adorableness.  We’ve already featured how that ended up looking, but here’s a refresher…

This DIY project is so simple I almost didn’t post it.  But I took the photos – albeit with my phone – so, what the hey?  Here’s how I took $10 basic Ikea frames and made them coordinate with our nursery…

First, I picked out two different yellow fabrics – one striped, one polka-dot and cut them to the size of the mat – with some room to spare.

don't fret - the Dream does not have pink carpet. terrible, terrible lighting - and apparently the iPhone can only do so much

Then, I broke out the spray adhesive – and sprayed a light coat on the mats…

I then set the fabric pieces on top and smoothed out with my hands.

After that dried… I cut into the corners at a 45 degree angle.

I also sprayed these sections with the spray adhesive and let them dry.

Once they were dry – I simply put the mats back in the frame, with the 6-month portraits of Mr. & Mrs. Dreamer.

So easy.  So cheap (under $30 – not including blowing up the photos if you need to do that). We think it adds a nice touch.  It will be fun to compare the baby pics when Kenton is 6 months old – the same age we were in our portraits – but it’s pretty obvious who he favors, and I love that!  A baby boy should take after his handsome father, AMEN?!

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Somebody pinch me!

We are THRILLED to be featured today on Chic & Cheap NurseryKenton’s nursery is getting all the love and attention.  Check out the post here!

If you’re visiting our humble blog from Chic & Cheap Nursery, welcome!  Here’s a list of all of our nursery posts.  Enjoy!

PS – the nursery is also up on Project Nursery, and would still love some STARS! 🙂

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Dreamout Session

Oh, stop. Stop!

You’re tickling me.

I like it though.

You're a foxy giraffe.

slobber, slobber, kissy, kissy

Oh, Sophie. I think I love you.

Uh-oh. Hi, Mom.


Me & Sophie, we were just, um…

I’m so busted.

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Project Dreamery

Kenton’s nursery is up on Project Nursery!

You can check it out here. Feel free to give it a few – or FIVE – stars. 😉  If you’re visiting our blog from Project Nursery, welcome!

That’s a fun way to start the week… also… Kenton is four months old!  Check out the latest monthly photo here.

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