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The Master Dreamroom is coming along nicely.  There’s a little of these, some of that, and even this. We think you’ll love it – but we need to do a few more things before a big reveal.  In the meantime, we ponder the question…

Maybe they’re born with it?

Well, one half of the dynamic-Dreamer-duo was definitely born with some super handy DIY skills.  That would be one, Mr. Dreamer.  His parents – affectionately referred to as the “Original Dreamers” – taught him everything he knows about home improvement and general homeowner-need-to-know knowledge.  And it all started here…

In this beautiful home in Maine.  A home that the Originals built themselves.  It’s the Original Dream.

We recently went back for a visit and what we both took for granted before is now fascinating.  You did these wood floors?  These STAIRS?  How about the plumbing in this bathroom?  Really?  The sundeck?  Amazing.  Brick oven?  Wow!

Needless to say, we were impressed and think you’ll be too…

these hanging baskets with pink flowers... contrasting the house... are gorgeous!

this front garden is a new addition...

the hidden canoe is a very "Maine" touch!

felix the guard cat

mr. original dreamer added this sun deck off the back of the house a couple of years ago...

it's become a favorite hangout spot in the house... for some Maine staples...

like blueberry pancakes....

enjoyed over long, late-mornings, with plenty of coffee

...and, of course, lobstah!


and most of those delectable goodies come from this brick stove, which we LOVE. Wouldn't a painted, white version be AMAZING in our Dream?

the whole house has these gorgeous wood floors... the staircase is particularly charming...

but these photos along the stairs may be even more charming... mr. dreamer in his football days...


Some of you just figured out where we got Bowdoin the bulldog’s name. 🙂

The Original Dream started 30+ years ago… around the time the Original Dreamers got hitched…

But the dreaming continues…

Last year, the Originals bought a condo just three miles from the Dream.  So, we get to enjoy their company during some of the colder months… and, when they’re not enlisted for the latest Dream project, they keep themselves busy improving the condo (Dreamdo?):

felix oversees the new tile installation

We can’t thank them enough for all they’ve taught us… their gentle encouragement… and tools. 🙂  Here’s to more Dreaming together!

(a fav photo from our wedding, 01/08)

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We realized we never described the simple makeover we did to our downstairs bathroom.  We posted a before/after photo on our Happy Dreamday (one year anniversary) post – but that was it.  That’s a shame because this is one of the rooms we love the most.  Seems silly, doesn’t it?  But we just love how simple and inexpensive transformations can completely change a room…

then 1



then 2



We did just a few simple things in this, our guest bathroom — which is just off of our kitchen/family room and across the hall from our guest bedroom.  We painted the walls and ceiling — “Breezy” by Sherwin Williams.

We painted the cabinets, "Greek Villa" also by Sherwin Williams - same as the kitchen cabinets.

And probably the most dramatic change, we took off the long out-dated mirror and corner medicine cabinet and replaced with a Pottery Barn Style mirror we found on Craig’s List.  We also swapped out ugly lights for an inexpensive new light fixture from Home Depot.

we took a green-ish iron hand-me-down wall hanging and spray painted it brown...

which we think ties together the whole brown/blue theme nicely

We also adorned the walls with more framed photos from our trip to France.

(l) the door on Notre Dame, (r) a door in Beaune

a church in a small village in Burgundy

The whole project was really affordable:

  • Gallon of “Breezy” SW paint = $30 (with coupon)
  • “Greek Villa” paint for cabinets = $0 (used leftover from kitchen makeover)
  • Hardware on cabinets = $0 (had just enough extra from kitchen)
  • Mirror = $40 (Craig’s List)
  • Light fixture = $60 (Home Depot)
  • Iron wall hanging = $0 (hand-me-down)
  • Spray paint for Iron wall hanging = $3 (Home Depot)
  • Towels = $25 (TJ Maxx)
  • Candle sticks = $15 ($5 each at Crate & Barrel sample sale)
  • Candles = $15 ($5 each at Coldwater Creek – random, right? during Christmas sale)
  • Photos = $0 (taken ourselves)
  • Frames = $15 ($5 each – Ikea)
  • Shower Curtain = $5 (Crate & Barrel sample sale)
  • TOTAL = $208

Still on the to-do list:

  • New toilet
  • New tub
  • Knock out vanity top
  • Tile shower and new vanity top

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