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Get ready… LOTS of bump shots for you today…

36 weeks!

36 weeks of growth in that bump!

Because it’s a week ending in “6” – that means it’s bump comparison time. Here’s how the bump has progressed from week 16, when I started sharing photos:

16 weeks vs. 26 weeks vs. 36 weeks in pregnancy #2

Let’s compare this progress to when Kenton was in that belleh…

16 weeks vs. 26 weeks vs. 36 weeks in pregnancy #1

Is it just me or is there less of a dramatic difference this time around between weeks 26 and 36? Last time, you can see a lot of growth… this time, I feel like it didn’t really change much. Hmm… could be the camera angle. I dunno. Here’s the 36 week to 36 week comparison… Am I carrying differently?

36 weeks: Pregnancy #1 vs. Pregnancy #2

Sorry about the quality of that image. I had to snag the photo on the left off the site because I couldn’t find the original anywhere. Oopsies!

Personally, I see only a slight difference. I think the bump slants down more on top and is overall slightly smaller. But… what do you think?

I did forget to have Kenton in my “official” 36 week shot – but he was hanging out with me and we did get one shot together…

He’s a bit out of sorts and clingy because he’s not feeling well. In fact, we spent half the day yesterday in the ER:

Poor guy! He’s had a stomach bug and was a bit dehydrated, so he needed an IV. It was incredibly traumatic experience for him, me and Jason. UGH! As any parent knows, it is absolutely heartbreaking to see your child hurting and upset. However, I think that intervention did the trick as he does seem a bit better today. Whew!

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Welcome to Pregnancy Week here at Our Dream Foreclosure! This week, I’ll mark my 36th week of pregnancy #2. I.CANNOT.BELIEVE.IT. This pregnancy is flying by so fast compared to pregnancy #1 (which seemed to drag on and on).

Today’s topic: The Birth Plan

This is a funny topic to me because my goal last time – and this time – is to plan as little as possible so I don’t end up disappointed. Last time, that turned out to be a wise choice. As I wrote about in Kenton’s Birth Story – I wound up with an emergency c-section due to cord occult, a possibly serious situation where his life and mine would have been at risk if we proceeded with a vaginal birth.

So happy listening to angry/healthy baby screams after my c-section.

This time, I had a choice. I could schedule a repeat c-section or try again for vaginal birth in what’s called a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC).

No one would question me if I did a repeat c-section. I don’t know the stats, but I guess that’s what most women do. At first, it’s what I thought I would do. I had a good c-section experience the first time. Recovery was painful, but you don’t bring a child into this world without some form of uncomfortable recovery time. My scar healed quickly and thanks to some assistance is already fading away. Last time, I politely turned down prescription pain meds only to greatly regret that a few days later and sent Jason running to the drug store to fill the prescription. For two weeks, I was in a constant state of zombiness. But, that was a c-section/first time momma combo, I believe. One of the greatest benefits to the c-section is that my OB cleaned me out really well – so I had basically no bleeding afterward. Awesome, right?! (Hey, I’ve only had one period in the last two years – true story! – I’m not exactly jumping at the chance to experience that again.)

So, if I did the c-section again, there are several pro’s in my book.

  • As a planner, I liked the idea of knowing the baby’s birthdate ahead of time.
  • I liked the idea I could get a good night’s rest the night before and go into this next chapter of two under two with at least one night’s sleep under my belt.
  • I liked the bleeding thing – seriously.
  • I would plan on happily filling my pain med prescription immediately.
  • It’s something I have already experienced and therefore know what to expect.

But… there are some con’s too.

  • The most important con, for me – was the recovery “rule” that you not lift anything heavier than the newborn for six weeks post-surgery. That would mean no lifting my 16-month old for almost two months. That is nearly an unbearable thought to me. Kenton’s world is about to get seriously rocked. If I can’t pick him up when he cries for me – it’s going to be really hard, on both of us.
  • The other major con is breastfeeding. Last time, my milk took six days to come in and even after it did, I constantly struggled with having enough. The c-section may be partly to blame for that. This time, I am hell bent on having a better breastfeeding experience. In fact, I’ve already contact local lactation experts and warned them I’ll be calling. A lot.

So, after thinking over these things, talking to Jason and my OB, I’ve decided on a VBAC.

I’m a bit nervous. VBAC’s are best when there’s been at least 18 months between deliveries – not my case. However, I’m mentally prepared to do it. I want to do it. I’ve been trying to get my body into shape to do it. So, hopefully, I can do it!

My OB has warned me, however, that if I go to 41 weeks, we’re scheduling a c-section. She said that the success rate of VBAC drops dramatically after that point – and I cannot be induced – so we’ll have to go the surgical route again. Kenton was eight days late, so that is still a very real possibility. I cannot be induced because (watch out for amateur terms here)… if my body is not ready on its own for labor and we start that process artificially, baby’s head could start banging up against my previous c-section scar, putting me at risk of uterine rupture. We all know that’s a bad idea! Also, the hospital where I’ll be delivering does not permit inducing a VBAC patient. So, that’s that.

If you’re a praying person, I would sure appreciate you praying that this baby comes on its own, perhaps a few days early, and I am able to have a successful VBAC.

Either way, this is what’s most important…

A healthy baby in mommy’s arms!

So, the other aspects of my VBAC birth plan include:

  • Epidural! I don’t need to be a hero, but I would like to get to 6cm on my own first.
  • Delayed cord cutting. We are not collecting cord blood – so I want the good stuff pumped into the baby before it’s cut.
  • Immediate breastfeeding – I’m serious about it!

Obviously, I’ll keep you posted!

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Our gallery wall is growing…

I just love being able to add to this wall – and when baby #2 arrives, we’ll swap out some of the photos. But this one will stay…

The Kenton silhouette was a souvenir from the San Diego County Fair this summer.

There are approximately 400 million DIY tutorials out there for silhouettes. Or, you can pay the gal at the fair $15 to cut one for you – which is what I opted for. My Grandpa helped keep Kenton looking in one direction by playing his first birthday video, which he’ll watch over and over and over and over. Something about seeing himself on screen – he loves it.

She was also selling pre-done silhouettes of dog breeds. Of course, I couldn’t resist taking a Bulldog off her hands.

I found the white frames at TJ Maxx for $7 each.

The “5” was $2.50 at Hobby Lobby and I did a quick coat of spray paint we already had on hand. In case you’re wondering…

Jason + Michelle + Kenton + Baby + Bowdoin the Bulldog = 5.

The yellow is the same shade that accents Kenton’s nursery. I’ve decided to bring that pop of yellow throughout the house occasionally… in an attempt to tie things together a bit better.

I just love this wall. I don’t know why it took me so long to put it together in the first place!

However… Bowdoin is not impressed…

Hmph. I’m thinking about starting a “Bowdoin is not impressed” blog, like McKayla is Not Impressed. (Love that site!)

Bowdoin, by the way, is hanging out on the new rug in our family room (!)… more on that later.

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As you may have figured out, we spent last week in Telluride, Colorado. It was a fantastic trip! We’re just getting home – and I have all of the fun post-vacation grocery shopping, unpacking, laundry, etc… to deal with. So, I’ll be back with more tomorrow. However, I just had to share some great news…

The photo I told you about last week won 2nd place overall in the Telluride Hot Shot July 4th Photo Contest! WOO-HOO!

Thank you so much for your votes! I did not win “Audience Choice” – but the 2nd place overall win is better. I won $300! Yippee! We’re funneling that cash right back into this here blog. So, some changes are coming your way soon… all good changes, I promise!

If you’d like to see all of the winners, click here. For a write-up on the winners, click here – they say some really nice things about my photo:

Second place went to Michelle Fortin for her beautifully composed “First Parade.” An adorable kid and a flag?  Throw in apple pie and ice cream and we get America in the halcyon days of America in the 1950s.

Wow! I’m humbled. Maybe I should listen to my mom? She’s been pushing me to enter photo contests… I finally do and I win something! Craziness. Fun craziness.

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Photo Contest!

Friends… a favor to ask…

I snapped a photo of Kenton during a 4th of July parade yesterday that turned out pretty sweet…

My mom, the real artist in the family, encouraged me to enter the photo in a contest. So, I did – and now you can vote for it as “audience choice.” Could you take a minute and do that? Here’s the 411:

  • Send an email to telluridehotshotphotocontest@gmail.com
  • Include your first and last name and the photo you’re voting for. To vote for my photo, you would say: “JOHN SMITH votes for Photo #045.” (You may type that as the subject line or the body of your email.)
That’s it! Just one vote per email address and you have to submit your vote by 12:00 PM MST on Friday, July 6th.
Want to make sure you are voting for your favorite photo? Check out all the submissions here. Voting guidelines are here (if you don’t believe what I already said.) 😉
PS: Kenton and I got to meet Jewel, her husband Ty Murray and their 11-month-old son, Case, today. I’m usually not star struck, but I was left tongue tied when I realized the young family I was chatting away with about spoon feeding and toddlers starting to walk were actually people I recognized. They were incredibly sweet. After, I should have told Jewel just how much I LOVED this video. Dangit! Next time.

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Stairgate 2012

Last week, a scary thing happened. I got distracted for a few seconds and looked up… Kenton had opened a closed door and was gone. I jumped up and found him, literally, teetering off the top stair.

This top stair.

Of this staircase.

I caught him just in time.

Then, I squeezed him tight for a long time and bawled my eyes out. That was, to date, one of the scariest moments of my life. I still tear up just thinking about it.

Clearly, it was time for a major change in the Dream… the addition of a gate.

Young sir is certainly on the move…

Not only is he interested in climbing the stairs, he’s walking constantly now – but wasn’t allowed to in the upstairs hallway, because of the imposing death trap of the stairs…

We had been talking about adding a gate for a while, but the great scare – “Stairgate 2012” – was the last straw.

However, we had a problem.

We have an extra wide staircase – 5 feet wide – to be precise. So, that meant no average gate would do. We needed extra wide.

On top of that, we had a little issue with our bannisters…

They stick out just enough and are just short enough to block a simple gate installation. What these bannisters don’t realize is that I’m married to the handiest man on the planet… who devised the perfect plan to gate around these pesky beasts.

Sure, it’s not the prettiest thing in the world. But it is SAFE. And that’s what matters.

Little Mr (and his best friend) are now free to walk around upstairs without mom (or dad) having a panic attack…

The best part about the gate though, is the look of panic on the Bulldog’s face as he’s racing up the stairs and suddenly encounters an obstacle. Okay, that’s mean – but it is funny.

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San Diego Week

I intended to share this post with you last Friday, but I didn’t have access to the nets of Inter. (That’s something my dad would say… like, “tay of lots” for a latte). Anywho, here she is today… a recap of our FABULOUS break from the Arizona heat in gorgeous Del Mar, California:

What a week we had! San Diego was a BLAST. Here’s a recap of what we were up to, via Instagram:

So. Much. Fun.

Most of my mom’s family lives throughout San Diego County. So, we spent a lot of time with family – and doing as much R&R as possible – including Kenton’s first day at the beach and first trip to a fair!

My mom, Kenton and I stayed with my Grandpa in Del Mar.

My mom’s dad. Can you tell? Ha! There’s a definite family resemblance.

My Grandpa’s house has not changed in decades, which means it holds a million memories for me, (but isn’t even remotely close to being baby-proofed!). I actually wrote an essay about it in elementary school. The assignment? Write about paradise. Yep, I nailed it. I still feel that way about this little corner of the world. From Grandpa’s balcony, you can see the water and sand.

Everyday, we walked from his house to charming Del Mar…

Grabbed a cup of coffee at Starbucks… and some milk for the kiddo…

In my defense, the pic on the left was taken after Kenton decided

to party All. Night. Long. (good times)

We’d stop by the playground…

And carry on down to the beach…

Yep. Paradise.

We spent a day at the San Diego County Fair… a place we’ve been going for many years.

We’ve been practicing Kenton’s “MOO” with the painting in his playroom, but this was the first time he saw cows (and sheep, and pigs, and ducks, and hens, and roosters, and goats, and bunnies, and even a baby turkey) up close. His first encounter with a cow drew tears and screams, but he warmed up after that and loved all of the animals.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip. We were sad to leave our extended family and the gorgeously overcast weather – but were very glad to get home to DADA and grandpa in time for Father’s Day:

And… one more thing… we OFFICIALLY have a TODDLER on our hands, folks. All of the distraction and stimulation on the trip made my BABY start toddling like a little drunken sailor… every.where.

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